Prepare Yourself: Things to Expect in an Expo

Expos, fairs, and other comparable events are perhaps the largest, most concentrated areas of communication where people of similar interests convene and exchange ideas, promote new ones, and network amongst each other. Hundreds, if not thousands of these types of gatherings are held yearly in all corners of the globe. 

Regardless of their setting, expos around the world are more or less the same in the sense that they all function the same way. If you are an eager business owner or a startup company planning to join your first expo ever, knowing the things to expect in these events will prepare you for your venture.

Book flights and hotels early

If you are travelling to another region or country, taking a plane may be the fastest way for you and your team to get there. If you need to move beyond your area, be sure to book your flight tickets and your hotel rooms early. Expos attract thousands of people whom you will have to compete with in getting a seat in a plane or a room in a midrange hotel.

Besides preparing the setup of your booth or communicating with your PR team, do not forget to plan your trip, because there will be no expo for you if you cannot even get there on time or find a place where you can stay during the expo. 

Know the geography

Do a little research on the location of the expo. If it is an outdoor expo, understand the climate or weather and geography of the area. Will it be held in a grassy place? Will it be a makeshift promenade? Will the area have concrete pathways or halls?

Understanding the geography of the place is key to making the most effective plans. If you are using props like banners, a mascot, or a stand to show your products, be sure that they are water-resistant and that they have solid ground to anchor them.

Be prepared to interact

Expos attract a melting pot of people. There will be students, professionals, young entrepreneurs, veterans, hobbyists, and many more. Be prepared to interact with all these different types of backgrounds when you are in an expo of thousands.


If you are bringing with you a retractable or pull up banner, a flag, or any other printed medium to signify your company logo or your services, do not forget to consider the lighting in the place of the expo. Do they have sufficient lights to make the different elements of your booth visible?

If not, you may take your own lights. After all, using lights to accentuate a pull up banner, 3D logos, and other unconventional marketing media will turn heads.

Sound, music, and noise

Meanwhile, if you are using a projector or an LCD monitor, consider taking your sound system, if the expo does not provide you with one. Expos are large and noisy places, and it may be hard to show off the promotional video you worked hard on if your audience cannot hear your sound.

Finally, disasters

There are a lot of unforeseen circumstances that can happen on the day of the expo. While these are completely out of your control, have a contingency plan for every possible option, and to stay solid with your team to bring the best booth possible.


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