Using Promotional Products to Your Advantage

Using Promotional Products to Your Advantage can transform your business results

Traditionally, promotional products have fallen into one of two categories. Those are office supplies and clothing. While both of these items are still quite useful the task of promotional items suppliers is to give companies items that their prospective clients and customers are going to want to keep around for awhile, so they work to your advantage.

Studies indicate that promotional items are one of the most highly successful forms of advertising in terms of return on investment, and there are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, most folks just like being given stuff, but they don’t necessarily like being given stuff that they’re not going to use. That’s why clothing and office supplies have been so successful as promotional items, but in an age where technology dominates, things like USB sticks and electronic devices are becoming more and more popular. Consulting firms that specialize in marketing have keyed in on the kinds of items that resonate with millennials and what they believe works nowadays are items that will actually be used. Indeed, this makes a lot of sense, because this is not a sentimental age of keepsakes. This is an age of disposability. So, promotional items need to be useful in order for prospective clients to keep them around and modern companies, like are keying in on that fact to provide customers with a number of items that can either be worn by employees or given away to clients and customers as a way of developing a rapport with them.

Promotional items fundamentally work like billboards, and yet there are a number of reasons why studies consistently show them to be superior to billboards in terms of return on investment. Firstly, billboards are something people see when they’re driving in traffic on their way home from work. They create brand recognition, which is good, but they don’t establish a rapport nor a relationship. The key to using promotional items to your advantage is to establish a rapport while simultaneously producing the same kind of brand recognition that a billboard or print advertisement would have.

Companies survive not simply on the fact that their brand is recognizable, but that the associations that people have with it are actually warm and social. Items like coffee mugs, stress balls, flasks, tumblers, and cookies, all engage the senses in a variety of ways, more than merely seeing or hearing something as you pass by it. In other words, not only are they more substantial in terms of memory for engaging more of the senses, but they’re also built on top of personal relationships that can very well last a lifetime.

So what is working nowadays? The trends show that while cheaper items still have their place as promotional items, companies should invest also in a smaller quantity of more expensive items. Items like branded coolers and golf balls not only make great gifts, but are also more likely to be used and appreciated by the clients they’re given to, and build quality relationships with the folks that matter most to your company.

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