The Motorist Maverick – 5 Less Discussed Factors When Buying a Car    

Buying a new car can be such a lengthy process, especially if you aren’t exactly a car expert. There are many options out there for people who may need a little extra help when it comes to buying a car, which is why it is so good that there are companies like Cricks Mt Gravatt out there who are willing to help you get the car you really want, rather than settle. If you are more inclined to see this through by yourself, or you just want some insight on things you should take into consideration before you begin your search, then here are some factors that you should think about before you begin your big hunt for your first or next car.



Research Model

Researching the make and model of a car that you are thinking about buying is super important before you even go looking at them. Reading user reviews can give you a better idea of how the car actually runs, how it drives, and can even give you an insight into any issues that owners of this car have faced regularly. You may find that a car you have had your eyes set on may not be worth it in the long run with repair costs or regular faults.

Repair History

If you are wanting to buy a preowned car then one thing you should try and get a hold of is the car’s repair history. Getting a hold of this information can give you some insight into what, if any, troubles that specific car has had in the past. You may find that the car has some long standing faults that turn you away from finalising the purchase. Knowing if the car has had a regular mechanic could come in handy also, as that person would know the history of the car very well and could be a mechanic that you can trust to continue the services.


Another good tip for if you are wanting to purchase a pre loved vehicle would be to keep an eye on the mileage of the car. The higher the mileage, the more the car has been used and driven which could lead to some wear and tear issues later on down the track. If you do happen to find the perfect car but it does have a high mileage off, try not to stress, try and find out what the service history is like and also what sort of terrains it was mostly driven on, such as a four wheel drive. If the car has been properly looked after, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Future Plans

A car should not be a spur of the moment purchase, nor should you only focus on what you need right now. If you are looking to get a long term investment out of your car not only do you need to take care of it but you should also take into consideration what your future plans look like. If you have travelling or a family in your sights for the future, it would be beneficial to find a car that can accommodate both.


Buying a car should not be a stressful experience.

If you are wanting to do it alone and avoid help from professionals then you should still get help from a friend, a second opinion never hurt and they may also be able to see some things or look at different options that you may not have seen or considered before. Don’t settle for anything and don’t let yourself be swayed or bullied by any sellers. Happy car hunting!

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