Why You Should Celebrate the Holidays in a Luxury Car

As the year comes to a close, most North Americans are going over their finances one last time before the holidays. For many, one of the biggest questions will be whether or not to replace their current vehicle with a new model before the New Year.

There are plenty of reasons why December is the perfect month to replace your car — dealerships offer incredible holiday sales to move the last of their current year’s stock, it is easier to get a better deal on a trade in, and it makes more sense to purchase a new car before the coming winter rather than after it. But there are even more reasons why, if you have already decided to purchase a new car, you should consider upgrading to a luxury vehicle.

For some, luxury vehicles like Lincolns, Cadillacs, and BMWs are basically a vanity purchase that only makes sense for people who have large amounts of disposable income. But the truth is that luxury vehicles are vastly superior to standard automobiles on a variety of different fronts.

With holiday sales now making it possible to get fantastic deals on the latest luxury models, it makes even more sense to purchase a luxury vehicle this holiday season. Here are just a few reasons why:

Next-Generation Technology

From optional heads-up displays to rear-seat entertainment systems and iPhone and Android integration, tech is one of the most obvious areas of quality differences between a standard vehicle and a luxury one.

Automotive technology is getting better every year, and the latest luxury cars come with remarkable features like active park assist, which helps you get into and out of tight spaces, inductive wireless charging pads to ensure your devices always have enough juice, and embedded backseat screens to keep your passengers entertained.

Improved Safety Features

Safety is one of the first things any shopper should take into account when considering a new vehicle, and there is no question that the safety features of a luxury vehicle are vastly superior when compared to what is offered by standard brands.

For example, if you stop by Colony Lincoln to find out what safety features come with the 2018 and 2019 models of the Continental, MKC, Nautilus, or Navigator, you will get a tour of the very latest equipment and tech on the market. Depending on the trim package you opt for, the latest Lincolns could be equipped with automatic high beams that amplify the amount of light being produced based on the conditions, lane-keeping systems that use warn you if you are creeping over the highway lines, and automatic emergency breaking.

A Better Driving Experience

Finally, luxury vehicles simply offer more intuitive driving, because they are built to a higher standard of engineering, and incorporate better materials.

If you’ve ever had a chance to drive a Lincoln SUV, this will make intuitive sense: various design elements including cabin shape, noise reduction, adaptive suspension, and maneuverability are integrated into a unified whole that offers an organic driving experience.

For some people, a luxury car will always seem like an unnecessary expense. But buying a luxury model isn’t just — or even primarily — about getting authentic wood or carbon fibre trim. No matter how sumptuous, a car will always be a tool for getting comfortably and safely from one place to another.

For this reason, luxury vehicles equipped with superior tech, better engineering, and a wider array of safety features are generally worth the higher price tag.

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