Top Tips that Race Car Drivers Use

Driving a Formula 1 car is completely incomparable to riding in a conventional sedan or any other model out there. It’s somewhat fair to think that racing skills and tricks are sorely helpful to race drivers, but there are a number of them you could learn to make your daily drive fun and better. Some of the tricks used by race-car drivers on track can be helpful for improved performance and even safe driving.


Hypermiling is a combination of techniques that seek to maximise a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. This is achieved through calculated driving. It’s about avoiding sudden acceleration or braking. The best gas mileage is achieved through so many different decisions in an hour’s drive. The driving habits that make race car drivers win the game as far as hypermiling is concerned include finding a sweet spot, driving gently, pulse and glide (accelerating gently), no tailgating, and paying attention to traffic flow to maintain an average speed. Drivers who practice hypermiling hardly get into car crashes.

Heel-Toe Shifting

When it comes to racing and high-performance driving, lap times define success. Gear changing is a major aspect of driving fast. When about to enter a corner a race car driver must apply the correct gear before applying power at the exit. They achieve this through heel-toe shifting. The purpose of shifting from a high gear to a lower gear is to allow the driver to accelerate at the fastest speed when exiting the corner they slowed down for. If this is not used, then the driver will be exposed to too much time trying to gain control of an unstable car. The driver is also able to match the RPM (revolutions per minute of the engine) with their heel.

Applying Handbrake Turns

Handbrake turns are used by race car drivers to negotiate tight, low-speed corners. It is a trick used in low-speed manoeuvres. Turning tight corners is based on the fact that the handbrake locks when pulled on hard. Applying handbrake turns allows a corner to be completed. This method can only be quicker on tight corners.

Trail Braking

Any good driver knows how to apply brakes for a faster drive through bends. Trail braking is advanced, whereby a driver manipulates and alters the pitch of the vehicle when entering a corner. It is a last-minute braking technique that gives rise to faster and more effective turn-in. This is a practice that requires keen attention to detail. The reason common drivers should learn this trick is so that they can apply it in emergencies on the streets while approaching a corner. Professional driving implies good knowledge of different types of pedal modulation and how to control the weight transfer of the vehicle when braking. It is also about understanding how weather conditions affect grip and traction.

Driving should not be boring, so if you put in a little effort and apply these tricks, your rides will become more adventurers. Remember, becoming a great driver takes time and momentum. You only need to start slow to get to driving mastery. Always focus on where you want your vehicle to go and not the car in front of you.


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