Most Unique Restaurants Around the World

While food is part of the reason we go out to eat, it is not the only factor. Many of us go out to socialize, make new friends, or connect with old friends. While your local pub or diner may be the usual hangout. Why not try something new? Here are some of our choices for the most unique restaurants around the world that may have you scratching your head instead of rubbing your belly.

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan
While this is definitely one of the the “most unique restaurants” in the world, many would also consider it one of the grossest. Taiwan’s Modern Toilet Restaurant is just as it sounds, a toilet themed restaurant serving up delicious curries in you guessed it, toilets… The decor is full bathroom themed, which everything you would expect to find in surrounding your toilet. You also sit on a toilet while dining. While this restaurant may not be for everyone, chances are you will not be forgetting about this one-of-a-kind experience anytime soon. That is why Modern Toilet in Taiwan is one of the most unique restaurants around the world. If you are looking for something on the opposite spectrum of “unique” maybe you would be happier at the over-the-top cute Taiwanese Hello Kitty Hot Pot.

Most Unique RestaurantsHeart Attack Grill, Las Vegas USA
Like all the restaurants on our list, the name pretty much gives it away. American excess is the gimmick of this Las Vegas restaurant and their neon sign even boasts “over 350lbs eats free” and they have a scale inside to check! Besides serving up insanely high caloric burgers and other american fare, the restaurant is run like a sadistic hospital. Waitresses are dressed as sexy nurses and drinks in IV bags are common at the Heart Attack Grill. They even make the customers put on hospital gowns before entering. You should be warned they have even been known to use the company paddle to spank customers who get out of line. The combination of gluttony, medical equipment, and extreme fatty food makes Heart Attack Grill one of the most unique restaurants around the world.

Cabbages & Condoms, Bangkok Thailand
Tucked away in a lovely forested alley in downtown Bangkok is a statue of Santa Clause made entirely out of condoms. We will let that soak in for a second…. Okay, so Cabbages & Condoms is a “condom themed” restaurant located in Thailand. While the decor is all condoms, the food itself is straightforward delicious traditional Thai fare. This place provides pretty wild photo-ops! The other places on this list seek to use shock value to turn a profit, Cabbages & Condoms has purer aims; they use it to draw attention and provide donations for women’s health and HIV issues. Keep up the good work and good food guys!

No matter which one of these places you visit rest assured you will be telling your friends and family stories of your meal for years to come. So keep an open mind and an empty stomach for these unique restaurants.

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