Dos and Don’ts of Dating Apps

These days dating apps are all the rage, whether its OkCubpid, Tindr, or Grindr; people are meeting up through their smart phones in astonishing numbers. Here are some tips on how to survive the new (and often brutal) world of dating apps.

Be Honest
While its a wide known phenomenon that people lie about themselves online, especially when it comes to dating, we don’t reccomend it. These lies range for total “catfishing” to living about jobs, to “white lies” like only wearing hats in your photos so people don’t know you are bald. We are telling you, all these are bad ideas! The reason you are on these apps is to try and find someone you want to be together with, even if its just for a single date, chances are your partner will find out. Even worse, you don’t want build a foundation of your relationship on lies, imagine having to spend the rest of your relationship in hat! Eventually the truth will come out and it will reflect poorly. You need to find someone who likes you for you and the only way to do that is is to be honest from the get go when using dating apps.

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Be Creative

When planning first dates there is more than dinner and the movies. You can get to know someone better by choosing activities that you both can enjoy. You want to find someone with similar interests so pick first dates that reflect your interests. That doesn’t mean be selfish or closed minded but pick something you think both you and your date will enjoy. Consider hiking, fishing, concerts, cooking classes, and so on. Showing that you are creative will be a big plus in landing that second date.

Get Outside Comfort Zone
You will never know what you like if you don’t try. Try “Swiping Right” on people you usually would swipe left on, maybe you are not find the right person because you are only dating one type. If you broaden your horizons you may just might learn something new about yourself and meet a meaningful partner.

Put Your Phone Away!
One common complaint about dates for people who meet online is their date won’t get off their phone. Just because you met someone through your phone doesn’t mean you should be glued to it while on your date! Some users have even reported their date browsing dating sites while on the date. This is a definitely a no-no and is very rude. If you feel the need to be on your phone or searching for a new date while sitting across from a date, it is likely not going well so you might as well just leave

Most of these rules are common sense, though we are in a new digital age of dating the same old rules still apply. Be honest, be creative, be opened minded, and treat others how you’d want to be treated. If you follow these dos and don’ts for online dating you may just find that special someone.