How to Put Together Your Very Own Dream Board

If you haven’t already heard of one, a dream board is something which you can put together to help you reach your goals. The basis of a dream board is like a notice board where you can put photographs, quotes, missions statements or any other bits and pieces which serve to remind you of what your dreams are and inspire you to achieve them. It is up to you what you put on your dream board and your dreams can be big or small depending on what you want to achieve.

The dream board should feature hard to reach dream as well as things that are easier to achieve and here are just a few ideas for what you could put on up on your board.


Where You’ll Live

Grand homes are often a feature of dream boards, when people think of possible success that they will have throughout their lives, a big and beautiful house usually come with the territory. Have a think about what type of home you would like to live in and find a photograph of a similar kind of home for your dream board. It doesn’t matter whether you dream of a huge country mansion with sprawling grounds or a modern Manhattan apartment, remember that the dreams are personal to you, find a photo, put it on your board and chase after your dream home.

What Kind of Vehicle

Having a fancy car is also something that features on many dream boards, maybe you dream of one day owning a Rolls Royce or a Ferrari, perhaps a super fast motorbike like a Hayabusa or a Kawasaki Ninja, whatever vehicle you dream of owning do the same thing again, get a photo and put it up on your board to keep you inspired.

Family and Friends

Putting a dream board together is not just so that you can fantasize about material possessions, it is about structuring a dream of your future and what it will look like. With this in mind you should also be looking to make plans for your emotional and general happiness and this includes any desires which you may have in terms of having a family one day. To illustrate this you could do a drawing or even write down the kind of family you would like and more importantly, what kind of parent you would like to be. Visualizing this kind of thing can help you greatly in the coming years when you ahem decisions to make.

Remember when putting together your dream board that nothing is set in stone, these are your dreams and goals at the current time. Dreams will change throughout the years and it is important that you keep your dream board up to date. There is no age limit on who can make dream board and in fact it is equally as important to have dreams when you are 50 as when you are 18. If you always have dreams then you always have something to strive for which will keep you enthusiastic about life and always pushing forward.

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