Tire problems: staying safe and legal

There are some areas of a car which we really can’t protect, but something that most certainly doesn’t fall into this category are the tires.

Put simply, the tires are something that can incur the wrath of bad driving and maintenance very easily. While some drivers may never have to change their tires, others will constantly find themselves heading to the garage in a bid to purchase new ones.

Unfortunately, this is one area where it’s rare for drivers to rely on services like Omega Auto Care and subsequently means that the issue can get even more expensive.

However, something that can aid you is if you can recognize the problems and resolve them before they worsen and replacement tires are needed. Here, we’ll look at some of the most common issues to help you on your way.


You find your car pulling to one side

While some of the most common tire-related problems require a visual inspection, in other cases you may recognize the problem in a more obvious setting. If you find that your car seems to be pulling to one side as you travel, there’s every chance that this is related to your tires.

Firstly, if you’ve recently fitted new tires, ensure that they match and are compatible with each other. Additionally, double-check to see that your front end has been aligned correctly once they have been fitted.

The problem may occur through something as simple as poor tire pressure as well. If one tire has different pressure to the other, it’s something else that can cause the car to veer to one side.

The front of your car vibrates once you hit a high speed

Vibrations whilst driving are another common problem and again, few people realize that this can directly relate to the condition of the tires. Usually, these vibrations occur when your car reaches a high speed and will often be accompanied by your steering wheel starting to shake.

The solutions for this problem are more obvious and generally just relate to the alignment of your wheels. Make sure that your front wheels are aligned, whilst also guaranteeing that the wheels have been balanced properly.

As the nature of the ‘fixes’ might suggest, this is a problem which usually occurs just after new tires have been fitted.

Your tires look uneven

So far we’ve just looked at those non-visual problems related to tires. For this last one, you’ll only notice it if you take the time to inspect your tires (which is something that should be carried out fairly regularly, anyway).

If you spot that your tires are excessively worn, or worn unevenly, it could mean a whole host of problems. Firstly, it could be related to your style of driving and if you regularly stop suddenly, or go around corners at a high speed, you are immediately at risk.

However, there can also be more mechanical reasons. The tires might not be rotating enough, meaning that certain areas are subjected to a lot more friction. Similarly, it could relate to the pressure of the tires which again deals with the same problem.