How to Keep Your Memories Alive

Whether you have good memories or bad memories, your memories are what make you who you are, so it is important for you to know how to store them for safekeeping. Treasuring your memories is a good idea. This way, you can enjoy them if you want to reminisce and look back on your good old days.

Here are the ways you can hold them close to your heart:


Scrapbooks can be a lot of fun. Design a family scrapbook to keep your memories alive. Gather your photos and special mementos. Decide how you want the scrapbook to look. Choose a theme and focus your designs to match the theme. You can organise the photos and mementos you have by year or by how you want to tell the story.

Photo album

Have a lot of pictures taken over the past few months? Some of those are truly memorable. It may be your baby’s first smile or their first time in a pool.

It’s not enough anymore to store it in your phone or keep it on your hard drive. Turn your photos into something tangible. This will be your most valuable keepsake of all time. Photo albums will help you remember all the little details of your life. When you purchase a photo album, make sure it is durable and top quality so that it can last you a lifetime. When you finally place your photos in the album. Arrange them by year, date, and occasion. Go in a chronological order so you won’t get confused.

If you want to save some space, it is better to have printed photo books. You can also get more creative with printed photo books. You can customise and design the whole thing to your desire.


If you have a little bit of video-editing skills, you can create a compilation of the photos and videos that hold your memories. If you don’t know how you can ask a professional videographer to do it for you.

Calendar keychain

Get special dates embossed on keychains. Whether it is a birthday, graduation, engagement, anniversary, wedding, you will always remember these dates forever with keyrings. On the underside, you can emboss the specific memory you want to remember it by so that you will never forget or mix up any dates.

Embossed jewellery

Jewellery can have sentimental value over time. Emboss your jewellery with significant dates or monogrammed initials. You can also have your loved ones’ fingerprint on your jewellery. Silver fingerprint jewellery can give you something tangible to hold on to, to tether the beautiful memories you have with a special someone. This way, you get to keep them close to you wherever you are.

Little hand and footprint charms on a bracelet

When you want to always remember how your little ones were when they were a baby, you can try getting little hand and footprint charms. These can also work for any age. If you want, you can get these customised and shrunk to a specific size so that it will still look pretty.

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