Great online resources for learning how to play a musical instrument

Music is, usually, a significant part of our lives, and there are many audiophiles who have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument. However, for some reason or the other, they might not have had the chance to do just that.

Whether you’re one of those people, who are willing to invest in paying for music classes or you’d like to find out more about what free internet resources you can take advantage of, this post can help you make the most of courses that are paid or complimentary.

Music classes are expensive, and they are more or less tedious depending on the instrument you want to study. For one, they usually take place at the instructor’s studio or personal residence, which is why you will have to spend some time on the road before and after getting to and from there. Lessons taught by professional musicians can be very expensive, so that’s another reason to go for online classes.

Check out the list we’ve showcased below for more information.

Mobile apps or websites

Usually, sites like Lynda or Coursera that specialize in making courses available to users worldwide, also have their own mobile apps that you can use when you’re on the road. Of course, when you’re studying a new musical instrument, it would be better for you to practice as you watch somebody teaching the course.

This way, you will be able to imitate the moves, and you have a better chance of success using this method. Even so, it doesn’t hurt if you also have the benefit of a mobile application just to make sure you don’t forget what you’ve learned already.

Free or paid

If you go online and just type ‘free online music courses’ in Google, you’ll come across a plethora of resources. It goes without saying that it is somewhat challenging telling which one of these you ought to consider taking up. Besides, if there’s any money in the game, you have to pay attention to what you’re spending your cents on.

Look for reviews coming from other instrument learners like yourself. You’d probably do the same if you were in the market for a cheap keyboard piano, right?

Simon Sinek, a famous non-fiction author, says that we trust reviews from our friends and other people way more than whatever the manufacturing companies might ever want to throw at us in the form of specifications or benefits ensured by their products.

Video lessons don’t have to be expensive

If you really want to learn something in particular and you can’t seem to find a resource that can help you and that’s free, you might have to consider resorting to several alternative methods. There are heaps of teachers, be they more or less experienced, that teach lessons via Skype or Hangouts.

Usually, these services are far more budget-friendly compared to hiring a teacher in your town or even getting a paid online course. These instructors might have to ask you to use an app like Minutizer, though, to make sure that they get paid, especially when they haven’t learned to know you.

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