Why you should choose Redwood Decking

It’s hard not to love redwood. Trees so large, with such a strong root system that when cut down will just point up a shoot and start over again. This makes sense when thinking about the world of composite decking, that odd mix of wood and plastic, made from one-hundred-percent recycled materials means that when you buy redwood composite decking not only are you not cutting down trees but the wood itself suggests it didn’t mean the end of one either.

Composite wood (view dino decking), the myth, the living legend that is happy to assist you whether for patios, pools, little borders around the old sixteenth-century-well that you’re fairly certain wasn’t there when you moved in. As mentioned, composite decking is often made from recycled materials, which might not seem overly important. You just want somewhere to come and sit, watch a few stars, make a few barbeques, but at least this way you can sit safe and smug that at least you’re not making the world a worse place.

The Facts

Don’t ever let people tell you how to live, love, or lose. When it comes to composite decking, it’s all a matter of taste and how the moment takes you. Yes, it is a thought of dubious responsibility that suggests you build a patio out in the swamp, but at least with this strange amalgam in your hands you know you’ll last a little longer.

You can listen to the complaints that you’re wasting good wood from mighty redwoods. Then you can explain that you knew what you were getting into the moment you set eyes upon that mosquito infested home, among the crocodiles and giant turtles. There’s nothing that quite takes the sting away from having to hose the house down for the seventh time that day than knowing that this is all part of the plan.

Thanks to advancements in human engineering you can take comfort in the knowledge that you have twenty-five-year before you have to start considering moving somewhere new. Perhaps you’ll finally listen to your significant other and move somewhere that isn’t under a perpetual black cloud, somewhere you can see just how long composite lumber will last when placed in a sensible location. But, then again, you really want to know how good it would look out in the tundra.

A twenty-five-year guarantee is longer than most relationships, which means no matter how tough like gets, at least here you know that things are stable. And with regards to the redwood colouration you’ll never be far from good company (as long as you stand in the garden as you brood).

You may run into issues surrounding conservation and environmentalists from time to time. That first sip of the morning coffee is greeted by hundreds of placards written in block capitals demanding someone think of the trees. And you don’t have to worry, or hurry to finish your coffee. You can slip into your favourite bunny slippers and go out and meet your new guests. There may be a little shouting, certainly some stern voices, and after they’re done you can explain that it’s all made from recycled materials. They might not believe you, but at least you’ll know.


In conclusion, nobody should put you down with facts or opinions relating to the downsides of decking your entire garden in a rare and endangered wood. If not for everything else, at least it’s all recycled materials. The fact you’re choosing to do the whole thing in composite lumber means you have a twenty-five-year guarantee, which means it won’t break any time soon, and you won’t have to go and chop some more trees down.

Thanks to the work of composite decking you don’t have to worry about the rain, the snow, the boiling sunshine, or the those odd grey days that leave you feeling unsure and unsafe. There’s anti-slip, and tear, anti-crack, and rot, it won’t break when insects nibble at it. Whatever comes, when it comes, it’ll be fine, up until the day after the twenty-five-year is up, at which point it’ll revert to pumpkin once again.

You don’t have to worry about cutting down any more trees. You don’t have to worry about it dissolving the moment life happens. You may struggle emotionally, illness will still find its way into your life or those nearest and dearest, but you will get through barbeques, the exploded drinks, and sick animals. Some things are inevitable. Some things are terrible, often terrifying, but at least here with your decking, at least something is sturdy. So, relax. Find your favourite drink of choice, preferably big and bright, with slices of fruit and a nice umbrella in it.

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