The Ultimate Guide to Achieving a Country Home Vibe

Country-style homes are gaining popularity nowadays. People love the look because it reminds them of the rustic countryside where life is much simpler and more peaceful than the busy and hectic life they lead in the city. If you want to achieve the country home vibe, then you have come to the right place. Down below, we have made the ultimate guide for you to use.

Here are the things you need to achieve the farmhouse look:

  1. Brick stone fireplace or faux fireplace. A fireplace is one of the most iconic elements you can add to your home to countrified the place. You can definitely see the effect it will have on your atmosphere once you light it. You can create a faux fireplace instead if you don’t want the hassle of cleaning the soot and dirt a real one will produce. You can do this with reclaimed wood.

  2. Wood countertops. Wood is the only material perfect for the rustic vibe. It’s the only thing that can create and add warmth to the place. Nothing beats having butcher block countertops with their smooth texture and clean lines.

  3. Open shelves. Open shelves are popular in rustic settings, so if you want the farmhouse feel, you should add in some open cabinets in your home. If you already have cabinets, you can just opt to remove the doors. You don’t necessarily have to remove all the cabinet doors.  Just one or two will be fine.

  4. Beadboard. Beadboard makes your interior look more rustic than it is now. This adds character to your home and evokes the cottage feel you are looking for. Beadboard is best placed on ceilings or used as bathroom walls.

  5. Weathered table set. Farmhouse furniture isn’t complete without a weathered table set. The more aged and worn down it looks the better.

  6. Textiles. Textiles add warmth to your living space which is crucial if you want the farmhouse look. You should hunt for fabric with rustic patterns such as gingham, calico and stripes. The base material should be heavy and sturdy enough to be able to withstand substantial pressure. Delicateness has no place in a rustic setting. You should use materials like linen, burlap, cotton and wool. Quilts are one of the best examples of these. Earth tones (tan, brown and green) and warm colors (red, orange, yellow)go over well if you want to improve the rustic feel of your home. These colors are perfect because these tones can be found in nature.

  7. Vintage furniture. Farmhouse furniture is usually called vintage nowadays. These items typically look unpolished and rough. The best way to find these items is through flea markets. They most likely have the best vintage furniture for you.

These are the ways you can achieve the country home vibe in no time. Following this useful guide is the best way to go if you don’t know your way around interior designing.

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