Upgrade Your Home Interior with These 6 Ingenious Tricks

Did you know that your home décor plays a huge role in your mental health? From the colour of the curtains to the placing of the bed, everything affects your mental health.

When you keep staying in one place, the same things eventually become boring. You don’t want the piece of vase to be in the same place every year. You might get bored by the curtain or the way your chair is placed in the room. As tiring and elaborate as the task may look, you can have some fun while redoing your house into a completely new homely space, want to know how?

Home is your safe place to run to after a long day at work. It reflects your personality and taste. So, why shouldn’t it be unique and awesome just like you? If you are busy with some other task, you could hire someone to upgrade your house! Advantage Styling is one such place that helps you redecorate your home and start loving it again. Here are 6 tips for redecorating your home:

1. Use the stuff you already have:

If you have forgotten, we’ll remind you. There is a lot of stuff in your attic; please reuse it. Go around the home, look for old things lying around or stuffed in a storage box. Pull them out, throw what you don’t need, and use what you can!

2. Make a mood board and decide:

Mood board is a way to decide colour shades that you could put together. You could place crayons, threads, books, CD covers, together on a plain piece of cloth and decide what colour goes with another, and the right shade also. This will help you decide the colour palette of the curtain, bed-sheets, cushions, sofa-covers, lamp-shade, etc. You won’t have to go to a shop, confused.

3. Revamp your bookshelves:

Now, this might sound wild but, your bookshelf doesn’t always have to hold just books. Dust your shelves and place little trinkets in front of the books. To add a homely touch, place ceramics in it.

4. Mirror, mirror on the wall is your best friend:

If your home has a small room and you haven’t used it in a while, this is the time. Add a wall-sized mirror to the room and watch it look bigger. Furthermore, you can also use a mirror to brighten up any wall of the home. A beautifully framed mirror is nothing but a piece of art.

5. Mix and match:

What is placed in your living room may also look good in your bedroom? So, shift, shuffle, scheme, and use the same items to redecorate your home. Move that earthen vase to your kitchen and shift the lamp net to the couch. Use old paintings in the darker corners of the home to make it look aesthetic.

6. Throw something on that floor:

By that, we don’t mean that you throw something on it. Just place a beautiful rug or carpet on your floor to change the look. Boho rugs or handmade rugs illuminate the room. They add a touch of colour that passively enters the eye. Another way to lighten up the room would be placing a neutral coloured rug on the floor. This will not only make your room cozy, but it will also change the same-old boring colour of the room.

Upgrading your home could be a fun task if you get immersed in it. We hope the above tips would save you from the expenses of a professional designer and instead bring out the designer you hide within.

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