Top 4 Tips For Your First RV Road Trip From Miami

Are you currently getting ready for your first RV road trip ever from Miami, Florida?

If so, here are the top four tips for your first RV road trip from Miami that you need to know:

1 – Plan Everything

Seriously, plan literally everything about your trip down to the last detail: your budget, the RV parks you’ll be staying at, a checklist of everything you’ll be bringing with you, your primary routes and alternate routes for how you’ll be getting to your destination(s), and scheduling your activities for specific days.

It’s okay for some spontaneity in your trip (has anyone ever had a vacation without it?), but generally speaking, you want to have a firm plan in place.

2 – Don’t Overspend On The Rental

Assuming that you are renting your RV rather than buying, you want to be careful that you don’t pay more than you need to. The best strategy to follow is to make a list of all the qualities you need in your RV (which luxuries or amenities you want, how much storage space you need, etc.) and then look for the cheapest RV that has those qualities.

According to Outdoorsy, “the average RV rental price in Miami, FL is $209.53/night.” So realistically, you shouldn’t expect to pay any more than that.

3 – Breaks Are Important 

Don’t adopt the mindset that you need to get to your destination as quickly as possible, no matter how excited you are to do so. Driving excessively can result in fatigue, which is an obvious safety hazard not only for the occupants of the vehicle but for other drivers on the road as well.

Fortunately, breaks can help to lower fatigue. Just stopping to stretch and go on a five minute walk is a very healthy thing to do after extended driving times of an hour or more, even if you don’t need to stop for food or gasoline. Speaking of driving times…

4 – Regulate Your Driving Time 

Beyond the subject of taking breaks, you will also want to carefully regulate the amount of time you spend driving in your RV. Generally speaking, six hours a day is the maximum you should aim to do, especially if you’ve never driven an RV before.

Going any longer than that is going to cause fatigue to set in, which in turn is going to result in a drop of energy, which makes the overall tip less pleasant. Besides, you should easily be able to make three hundred and fifty miles or so in a six hour driving time, so you’ll still be covering a lot of ground.

Getting Ready For Your First RV Road Trip 

As you go about getting ready for your first RV road trip ever, none of the four tips that we have covered are ones that you would be wise to ignore.

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