Spring Blooms: 7 Types of Special Occasion Flowers

Are you looking for flowers to give for a special occasion?

Flowers are the perfect gift because they can have more meaning than any material-based gift can have. The only problem is that not all people are familiar with flowers, confusing them on what they should give on certain occasions.

Each flower has a meaning that speaks better than a person ever could. Here are some special occasion flowers that can help you say what you need and want to say.

1. Camellias

The camellia is a flower that can have different meanings for different occasions. The meaning will depend on the flower’s color as the recipient gets it.

Give a white camellia if you want to show affection to someone. Give a pink camellia if you want to express that you miss them. Give a red camellia if you want them to know that you love them.

2. Daffodils

If you know someone who is moving to their new home or starting a new chapter in their life, daffodils are the perfect flower to give. It signifies new beginnings, making it perfect for people who are going through the next stages of their lives.

3. Daisies

Ever wonder what to give your mom for Mother’s Day? Chocolates are no longer an option because many older adults are prone to health risks. If this is the case, daisies are the ideal gift.

Daisies mean innocence and that the recipient has a pure soul. Mothers are sure to appreciate the gesture and it will make them happy on their special day.

4. Dahlias

Dahlias are the perfect flowers for a special occasion that involve a long-term commitment. Anniversaries and even Valentine’s Day are among the occasions that are perfect for this flower. This is because dahlias symbolize the strength of the life-long commitment that two people have.

Giving them such a gift helps them recognize that you’re approving and believing in their relationship. This encourages them to continue with their relationship. Positive reinforcement has a beneficial effect on relationships, after all.

5. Irises

These are among the most common flowers you can find thanks to their adaptability to any temperature. This means that you should be able to find and gift them to anyone you think is wise and trustworthy.

These are the qualities that the flower represents. If you want them to be more effective, though, a good arrangement does the trick. This florist can help create a great arrangement to give as a gift.

6. Orchids

Celebrating the fact that you’re going to have a baby is a truly joyous occasion. Sending orchids is the perfect gift because it means fertility and success. This is the perfect gift for any new parent.

7. Lavenders

Lavenders are among the most fragrant flowers, making them good flowers for special occasions. The flower is a perfect gift to give to your loved one when your relationship goes through any major milestone. It stands for devotion and loyalty to your significant other.

Know Your Special Occasion Flowers Today

These special occasion flowers can help you say what you mean but to a greater effect. Have an arrangement made today and have them sent to that special someone!

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