Peter Benedict St Andrews – Some of the Key Advantages of Private School

Although there are many excellent schools in the public school system, there are a number of advantages that private schools are able to offer students.  It is the case that a private school education can be quite expensive – however, virtually every private school dedicates significant resources to assist excellent students to meet these expenses through scholarships, bursaries and grants.  Graduates of the private school system like Peter Benedict St Andrews find the investment to have been well worth it.  Here are just a few of the many advantages that a private school education can offer.


Excellent academic opportunities

Private schools are able to offer academic opportunities that go beyond those generally available in the public system for a number of reasons. One of the most obvious issues is related to funding – as the public system is chronically under-funded, many are forced to scale back both the kind of curricula that can be offered and also on the methods that can be used to deliver it.  It is often remarked by teachers in the public system that they need to provide the supplies their students use in the classroom out of their own pockets.  Compare this to the cutting-edge technology that private schools are able to provide their students in support of their learning.  Private schools are also able to offer programs such as the International Baccalaureate which allows students easier entry to universities around the world.

Smaller Class Sizes

No matter how dedicated and skilled the teacher, his or her ability to spend individualized time with students is directly limited by the number of students that teacher has in the class.  Private schools are generally able to cap class size at levels far below that possible in a public system.  In this way, teachers are able to dedicate more time to each student, to tailor more in-depth assignments and remedial work to match the students’ interests and needs.  Also important is that this also limits the workload that is placed on teachers, helping them to avoid burnout. Especially for students who may be struggling, a smaller class-size and more available teacher may be all the difference between success and failure.

Supporting Special Needs

Private schools may be ideal for anyone who is seeking a non-standardized curriculum for their child.  For example, while not permitted in the public system, private schools are able to offer a religion-based program of study.  Additionally, the public system may not be able to dedicate resources to support children with special intellectual or physical needs, or with emotional or psychological difficulties.

These are just some of the advantages that may be available to your child through a private school education.  None of this is to suggest that a public school cannot provide an equally excellent education or support for your child, but the reality is that you are not able to assume this will be possible at your local public school.  For this reason, it is a good idea to research both the public and private options for your child.

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