3 Ways ESL Students Can Get Essay Writing Help at a Reasonable Price

As an ESL student, there will be days when you feel that you need some help with your essay writing. So, who do you turn to? We will outline 3 different cost-effective options that you could look at if you need to get some help with your writing and the pros and cons of each of these options. 

1. Writing Services

Many students are now turning to professional writing services for help in completing writing tasks. Before you decide to go ahead and do this, you need to consider if it is worth doing before you spend your precious time and money on it. It’s not worth approaching a writing service if you don’t know what you are getting involved in as this will result in your grades being affected if at the end of the day you don’t have an essay to submit

The pros of using a writing service are:

  • Stress is reduced as you don’t have to write the essay yourself.
  • You may be able to select the writer that you want to write your essay.
  • Instead of spending time writing, you can spend time doing what you want to.
  • It may not cost a lot of money to get an essay written.
  • You can go to work and earn some money rather than spend time writing. 
  • You can focus on other areas of your studies.
  • A professional should be writing your essay so you should achieve a good grade.
  • Essay writing services are private.
  • Plagiarism shouldn’t be an issue as an essay writing service should be able to create a unique essay for you. 

The cons of using a writing service are:

  • You have to spend money getting an essay written for you.
  • You lose out on crucial learning if you do not write the essay yourself.
  • You won’t get the feeling of satisfaction that you get when you complete an essay yourself. 
  • The person who has written your essay may not be a native English speaker. 

2. Online Tutoring

As technology continues to develop, online tutoring has increased in popularity, and tutors no longer need to be sitting in the same room. Online tutoring can be as easy as logging on to a website and seeking the support that you need. This is usually available for most subjects and at most levels. 

The pros of using an online tutor are:

  • It’s easy to access the support you need, and you don’t have to work around the schedule of a private tutor. 
  • Lessons can be recorded so that they can be viewed at a later date.
  • There’s no commuting involved so time, fuel, and energy are saved! A student can learn from anywhere, from the comfort of their own home. 
  • The curriculum can be adapted to suit your individual needs.
  • You can decide how much time you would like to spend on a subject.

The cons of using an online tutor are:

  • As there is no personal interaction, it is easier to lose focus and becomes distracted. An online tutor cannot pick up on this in the way that a tutor in the same room would. 
  • We don’t all have access to the best technology and, therefore, the connection may be lost mid-lesson. You would need to have high-speed Internet to get the best out of online tutoring, and this can be costly. 
  • If you’re the kind of student who is not organized, you may end up missing online tutorials. An online tutor cannot push and motivate you to learn.

3. Online Writing Courses

In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of online writing courses and, therefore, more and more students have enrolled on them. An online writing course can help you improve your writing skills as well as enhance your professionally when it comes to looking for work in the future. 

The pros of using an online writing course are:

  • All lessons are available at all times so you can print them out when you need to and, therefore, learning is flexible. 
  • The hours are flexible, and you can do as many hours a day to suit you and your lifestyle. 
  • No one can judge how good or bad your work is other than your own teacher.
  • You don’t have to travel to anywhere so you can work from home and, therefore, save money on time and travel costs. 
  • You can work from your own relaxed, environment, and you don’t even have to get dressed to go out if you don’t want to!

The cons of using an online writing course are:

  • If you are the kind of student who struggles to work alone and concentrate, an online writing course may not be beneficial to you.
  • You need to have a good Internet connection and be computer literate. 
  • You need to be able to manage your own time and stick to a schedule if you are thinking of doing an online writing course. If you are the kind of student that will put things off to do them at a later date as you’ve not got a specific schedule, then an online writing course may not suit you. 
  • Some students prefer to have an actual teacher pointing out where they are doing well and where they need to improve.

Following these ways, even ESL students will become gurus. Make use of these tips and show your best self!

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