Beautiful Bathroom Renovations Adelaide SA

Did you know that one of the first homes that most people renovate first is the bathroom? Some would think it would be the kitchen, or even the living room, but the bathroom is our sole piece of privacy in our own home, and anyone with children know this to be a very highly spoken truth. Because of this, we want our bathrooms to help us refresh during the day, get ready for bed and calm down during the night, and provide a little bit of sanctuary as well. Therefore, we’ll go over some tips on remodeling your bathroom in order to achieve the most beautiful bathroom renovations possible, and even let you know who we’ve found to be the best that can do the job!

Plan it Out First

Believe it or not, you can actually consider things like fixtures, handles, and more in order to find out what the best options are for a bathroom renovation. Do you have children that should have access to their own items while the parents can keep their away from them? What type of shower system would be the most efficient? Consider things like basin sink faucets, and long neck faucets to maximize water efficiency without making a mess, and more.

Consider Special Showers

Showers can be luxurious these days, and it is very popular to actually use natural stones like granite and marble in your bathroom, whether it’s slate or tile. By having a walk-in shower, you can even choose options such as “wet rooms” that don’t have an actual enclosure, and can just literally have a drain and just the right pitch to make sure all of the water on the floor drains to it.

Choose the Right Lighting

If you want a mirror, you’ll want to choose the right lighting over the mirror in order to maximize visibility, as well as increase the brightness of the room. However, another important factor is to have proper lighting and ventilation above the shower or bath. This can greatly help reduce the risks of mildew and mold forming in your bathroom.

Special Walls

Believe it or not, there is actually mold-resistant drywall, and even if you have a shower wall that is composed of ceramic or even marble tiles, you’ll want to ensure that you have a nice layer of mold protection behind that, and even when it comes to the grout holding the tiles together. If you want a luxurious tub, you may want to try bringing back a bear claw-style or a basin-style tub since they’re becoming more popular today.


Adelaide is no stranger to home contractors, but for the best custom bathroom renovations, home extensions, and more, you can count on Gregory Built Bathroom Renovations to give you the best options possible. The business was established in 2017, but the family-owned company has generations of experience that is unmatched in the Adelaide, SA neighborhood. They can provide custom renovations that feature modern, and even traditional styles, or both rolled up all into one to provide the ultimate experience for your home.

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