3 Everyday Uses of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence represents a hot trend in today’s society as more exciting announcements and developments are getting released on the market. Although this technology is quite advanced, the public’s perception regarding AI is still limited. Most regular people are only thinking of future scenarios when it comes to AI, being completely unaware of its everyday implementations.

We are still far from a world that is completely powered up by robots and autonomous software. However, AI and other emerging technologies still have a large number of everyday uses that we don’t even notice. In this article, we will cover a few of those implementations to give you a better understanding of this field and its future potentials.

Social Media

Social media is a huge part of people’s lives nowadays. It represents the place we get our news from but also the place where we share our lives and interact with the loved ones. It’s also the ideal environment for content consumption and even shopping, and all this is powered up by intelligent algorithms that people are not even aware of.

Facebook is using AI and machine learning for face recognition, instantly suggesting you friends to tag whenever you upload a new picture. Your newsfeed and the targeted advertising you’re receiving are also fully controlled by algorithms studying your behaviors and preferences to offer you better user experience.

Instagram is using machine learning to better understand the usage of emojis in order to auto-suggest its users’ emojis in conversations. You might also be familiar with the digital face masks that made Snapchat famous, they are also fully-backed by artificial intelligence. And all this is barely scraping the surface when it comes to AI in Social Media.


You might not be well aware of this but simpler forms of AI and machine learning have been present in video games for decades now. They power up predictable elements of the games such as NPC characters. However, their implementations are still limited as of now since video games need rules and structures to work properly and AIs are not prepared for that yet.

An algorithm that is too free to do what it wants might end up ruining the player experience by being too random or too skilled. Although such an aspect might not be great for action games with levels and missions, it is ideal for the skill-requiring type of games. Artificial Intelligence already mastered games like chess and poker, being able to challenge any human at them.

AI is especially useful in the online casino industry since it can act as a dealer, ensuring the randomness of the whole game. Some regular casinos are already utilizing certain forms of AI to ensure an authentic gambling experience. As this technology will evolve, the whole game will get even better.

Such intelligent algorithms are also great when it comes to providing humans with the infrastructure to train themselves. If you’re able to play chess, poker or any other skill game with the best AI player in the world, your skill level would surely increase significantly.


The internet is not only used for entertainment and content consumption. Work-related tasks make up for a large portion of the whole ecosystem. Google is at the forefront of innovation in the professional world. Their email service, Gmail manages to filter out 99% of all spam messages. This is accomplished by using AIs that understand your behavior and the messages that represent spam for you.

Ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft are also making good use of AI, even if you might not expect them to. Machine Learning is fully responsible for minimizing your wait time, for figuring out the price of your ride and even for pairing you up with other passengers. Plagiarism checkers, smart assistants, online search filters and every type of recommendation you’re getting online are also utilizing sort of intelligent algorithm, and this is only the beginning.


 Artificial Intelligence sits at the forefront of technological evolution in today’s society. It powers up so many of our online tasks that it’s very difficult to keep track of everything. Even if many people are not aware of this, AI is the main resource used to improve our digital ecosystem. The three uses mentioned above are just the beginning, and the following years will unravel even more innovation.  

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