Be a Good Example to Children During Thanksgiving

Are you a fan of Thanksgiving? If you grew up in a loving family where Thanksgiving celebrations were a positive moment, you will always feel excited about this time of the year. However, if you grew up in a family where Thanksgiving was the time to fight with each other, you might hate this celebration. You might instead find excuses not to be with your family even if you know they are looking forward to seeing you.

You can still change the way you see Thanksgiving, but it is difficult if you know what is going to happen. You already anticipate that your parents will fight with each other. You also think that people will ask you again about awkward questions related to your personal life. Some people would say that families are like this, so you need to accept the reality. However, you can change this negative tradition for your children. They don’t need to grow up in a hostile Thanksgiving environment. You can show them how it is to celebrate Thanksgiving peacefully.

Avoid fighting

You can settle your differences before Thanksgiving. If you can’t, find a place at home where you can discuss your problems. Don’t let the kids see that you are fighting. You shouldn’t let them see it while you are having dinner. You want them to enjoy the dinner, and to only remember the fun activities that you did together as a family.

They will carry on a positive tradition

You can end this negative Thanksgiving tradition now, and let your kids realize that this celebration does not have to be about family issues. The reason why people celebrate Thanksgiving is that they want to be grateful for everything that happened during the year. It is also a special time when everyone in the family is around not to do anything other than to catch up. You laugh over dinner or play games in the living room.

You are not trying to suppress family issues by not letting people discuss them over dinner. You are trying to send a positive message to the kids. There are several avenues to address family problems. You don’t even need to wait until the end of the year to discuss things. If you are mature enough, you will do something about your problem before the holidays.

Limit the booze

You also drink a lot during Thanksgiving, and everyone else does. You don’t need to drive back home or to work the following day. Therefore, it is fine if you have a bottle of beer or two. Make sure that you don’t drink more than you can handle, or else you will start changing your tune. You will raise issues that are awkward, and fighting will begin. You might not even realize what you did the next day because you were too drunk to remember anything.

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