Touring College Campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area

One of the rites of passage from high school to university is visiting the college campuses in which you have an interest in attending. This gives students a chance to get a feel for the school, to speak with administrators and to gauge whether the schools fits the desire of the student. This visit is a very important part of selecting the right school.

There are a few cities where the country’s top schools are congregated. These cities include Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. San Francisco also boasts some of the US’s most distinguished college campuses.

Whether you’re planning a campus tour for your class, large group, family or friends, this post will outline what you need to know to make sure you can get to see the San Francisco university campuses you want and get the insight and information you need to make a choice about each of the schools you visit.

Choose the Right Transportation

And students travel with your families to do what college tour they typically drive. However if the group is larger what is very important is to get everyone in one vehicle so no one gets lost and schedules can be kept. If you are  traveling in a large group, one excellent choice for transportation is to book a private school bus or a charter bus rental. this strategy will allow you to turn the driving over to professionals who know the area, can navigate getting from one school to the next and will take responsibility for your safety and being on time. Many of the campuses around San Francisco including Berkeley and University of San Francisco require that you in order to get to them. An experienced driver will know all of the routes to take depending upon a time of the day to make sure that all schedules are kept.  You also gain additional valuable time to discuss the campuses that you visit if you don’t have to be concerned with driving.

Put the Top Schools on Your List

San Francisco can claim being home to some of the top universities in the United States. A few of the schools that are recognized as being in the top 25 in terms of academics are University of California Berkeley, San Francisco University, and Stanford University. Each of these schools boast graduates who are leaders in fields as various as science, technology, and politics. Students were eligible certainly want to visit these campuses and discuss their potential enrollment with the administrators.

Put in Some Time to Set Your Route

One way to ensure that you make all of your appointments on time is to map out your destinations and build a schedule around there specific locations and the time needed to get from one place to the next. This planning will allow for a smooth execution. You should make this information available to your driver so that he understands where you need to be and when. He can provide input if needed or schedule adjustment.

Book Campus Tours

All the campuses you visit will have a chore that can be scheduled. You should reach out to each School in advance of your visiting and let them know the size of your group and when you intend to arrive. The school will have coordinators to meet with your group and take you on a tour of the important areas of the campus. You’ll also speak with school administrators who will answer questions and give Insight on the history, current standing and focus of the University. These types of tours go a long way to helping students decide which school is right for them.

Use Up the travel Time With Games

San Francisco’s a big city with lots of traffic and a requirement that you understand you spend a lot of time in your automobile waiting in traffic.  Because it will be young people as a part of your group, you need to plan some distractions so they don’t get too bored on the road. Make sure that you have a computer that will connect to Youtube, access to some good music, and plan out so that your group can play games as you make your way around the city. This will keep everyone calm and relaxed and help the time on the road go much faster.

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