Top 8 College Ambassador Programs

For anyone looking to enhance their resume once they leave college, a great way in which they can do that is with a college ambassador program. College ambassadors are students who work for a number of companies and brands and act as the go-between. This role is much like an internship only without the level of time commitment required. Ambassadors will usually have to work around 10 hours per week or until the tasks which they have are complete, usually in less than 10 hours.

Students who embrace on this type of program are able to gain real world experience, boost their leadership skills, work on exciting and cutting edge projects as well as adding a huge green tick onto their resume. On top of these benefits you may even be able to grab yourself some free gear as part of your union with a brand, and which student would say no to freebies! If you have been considering  brand ambassador program, here are some of the best that you may wish to consider.


The online clothing retailer is really going into colleges in a big way and you can become a part of this through an ambassador program. Through this program you will liaise with the company itself and the business and fashion departments within your college. Expect plenty of work and plenty of free gear with ASOS.


Coca-Cola is a global giant and one of the best marketed companies of all time. You can get involved with the company through their highly beneficial ambassador program which will look great on a future resume.


Fashion magazine Cosmopolitan loves to say on the pulse of what is happening at student level and you can act as the go-between for your college. The magazine will regularly look to push events onto the calendar and it will be your role to help them in this regard. Perfect for the fashion lovers.


Apple starting collaborations such as this a couple of years ago and as you can imagine, there are a lot of fanboys looking to get in on the action. The person who is successful in gaining the ambassador position will be working at the cutting edge of technology for this mega company.


As the internet continues to boom, companies like Spotify are working closely with colleges and campuses to ensure the continuation of its growth and that they are sanding the very best talent that the student body has to offer.


The charitable firm Toms are active in any universities across the country and if you want to be a college ambassador then they could be a great choice for you.

Red Bull

It makes sense that an energy drinks occupant would be popular in campuses and you could play a key role in helping the company to promote themselves and attract students through an ambassador program with them.

CBS Sports

Any sports fans out there could get their dream ambassadorial role working with CBS sports. Bear in mind that these positions will be tough to get but the rewards will be plentiful should you get it.

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