Top IT issues in 2016

What are the Top IT issues in 2016?

Photo by CC user Camelia.boban on Wikimedia Commons

Of all the fields in the business world, few are quite as exciting as IT (information technology) these days.

With innovations in this sector transforming our world day by day, experts like Joseph Duzgun are being sought out for advice on what lies ahead.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top issues affecting IT today.

1) Accelerating pace of exponential change

Despite proclamations that Moore’s Law was reaching its logical end several years ago, scientific breakthroughs have continued the breakneck pace of technological change in business and society.

Technology is being rendered obsolete sooner than ever, and companies that are snapping up new devices are outflanking their competition with frightening speed.

As such, it is important to adopt the mindset of being a disruptor rather than one that is getting mowed down by the bullet train of progress.

2) The continuing emergence of Big Data

The rapidly improving ability of computers to crunch vast swathes of data is uncovering amazing discoveries that one reads about regularly nowadays.

From computers than can seemingly diagnose and treat cancer better than human doctors, to squeezing out every last drop of electricity from renewable energy installations, this advance has the potential to completely transform the way business is done and how society operates over the next decade.

3) Migration of data and applications to The Cloud

Maintaining an ever-expanding server farm had been becoming a major headache for IT managers and CIO’s. ‘Had’ is the key word here, because the increasing viability of online storage over the past five years has now made it more profitable for companies to rent out space on remote servers than manage their own mainframes.

This arrangement has become known as ‘The Cloud’, which has given companies flexibility that they could never have dreamed about a short while ago.

It even offers the ability to run applications remotely, saving considerable sums of money that would otherwise be spent on licenses.

4) The growing importance of social media

Social media is no longer the sole domain of high school and college students looking to share party photos and chat with their friends.

It is the now the front line for reputation management for businesses of all kinds; if you are failing your customers, it doesn’t matter whether you are a Fortune 500 company or the local tire shop: you’re going to hear about it.

Facebook, Twitter and review sites like Yelp and Glassdoor have given ordinary people the power to either elevate or trash brands.

As such, it is vital that you have an employee or a team dedicated to engaging your customers to not only make things right, but to also build a loyal fan base over time.

5) The escalation of DDoS attacks

When it comes to internet security, the bad guys never take a day off. Appropriately, your business needs to stay on top of the latest tactics that cybercriminals are employing to steal data, money, and the ability to impose their will on you.

Lately, black hat hackers have been harnessing the untapped power of the Internet of Things to deluge everyone from linchpin DNS firms to cybersecurity blogger Brian Krebs with an unprecedented onslaught of junk traffic.

In the face of this threat and others, your company should take the necessary steps to survive a similar siege, should it happen to you.

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