6 Ways You can Update Your Marketing Efforts with New Trends and Technologies

Every year, new marketing trends emerge, most of which have had significant impact on marketing organizations, communication, innovation and evolvement. Internet marketers live in a fast-paced world where Google seems to make sudden changes that requires you to adjust your digital strategy.

With 2018 around the corner, we’ll expect some new technology and trends that might affect your marketing efforts and the way companies transact. This article takes a look at what changes and updates online marketers should expect and proactive measures you can take to stay prepared.

Pay attention to key drivers of the coming digital transformation

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Competition in the tech world ensures that technology is constantly evolving alongside the patterns of running operations and conducting business. IT now ranks ahead of digital marketing to lead initiative responsible for Digital Transformation.

Improved video content

We expect content to remain king in 2018 but the kind of content that rules the internet is changing. While social content, blogging, newsletters, EBooks and white papers remain essential aspects of marketing, video content will be the rage in 2018. After the huge success of games like Pokémon Go, augmented and virtual reality might take us to the future. The new reality is that people prefer to see than read and the sooner you include it in your campaigns, the better for your brand recognition.

More focus on improving experience for the end user

Customer experience is at the core of everything related to marketing, both offline and online. Small brands looking to scale up must embrace a customer-centric approach to plan positive digital transformations and effective marketing strategies that appeal to their audience.

Better visibility with Native Ads

Native advertising has become of the best marketing methods digital marketers use to get plain sight exposure with the right audience. Online users find interruptive ads annoying and native ads addresses the problem by offering a non-disruptive platform for brands to market their products and services in a way that blends seamlessly with the browsing environment of the user.

Convert with big data and drive new opportunities

A good digital marketer understands customer behaviour with the right data that helps them deliver the best result.  Big Data was influential in 2017 for digital marketing and we expect the trend to continue in 2018. There is increased demand for real-time responses to customer request and having the right tools and data equips online brands to provide accurate answers that lead customers and potentials through the sales funnel.

A good example of this, is how business insurance providers, have successfully leveraged exponential growth of data to make faster prospect related decisions and enhance data quality. They achieve this by properly reconciling corporate and operation data, leveraging platform solutions to handle speed and scale.

Higher ROI with Growth Hacking

Growth driven tactics are a series of marketing techniques and processes designed to increase revenue growth. SEO is the most widely used strategy because it gains traction from users who are familiar with your product. Technology will evolve in 2018 and you should align your strategy to meet your audience where they’re searching for you. Content also has to improve to match demand and incentives like competitions, challenges and giveaways helps to increase traffic, subscribers and ROI.


With the rise of global acceptance and sophistication of digital technology, the potential for various brands to interact and engage with their target market is infinite. Companies should start incorporating these trends as they make plans and create digital strategies that will guide their marketing activities in 2018.

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