How to Take Better Photos of Cars

For many, photography is a great hobby which gives them a sense of creativity and freedom, there are lots of different areas of photography that you can specialize in and if you are god enough you can even make some money from it.

Many photographers choose landscapes to capture or one of the most popular styles at the moment is travel photography, others choose people to take photos of and some like to take photographs of cars. I was speaking to my friend Joshua Manocherian recently, an avid event photographer who was successful enough that he could create his own organic restaurants, we spoke about car photography in particular and we came up with these great tips on how to take better shots of beautiful cars.



When you are taking a photograph of sleek and sexy car it is important that you get the background just right. Taking a photograph of a car on a highway for example does not help the car to stand out in the shot. The better option here is to juxtapose the landscape with the car itself and use natural backgrounds. What this does is place the man-made, metal, unnatural car in front of a very natural and swooping backdrop. This helps the car to stand out and it will ensure that the photograph highlights the finer details of the car itself.

Don’t Forget the Details

Many people like to take shots of the car in its entirety and whilst you shouldn’t avoid this shot from all angles, you also need to ensure that you are taking photos of those attractive details which cars feature. If you are taking a photograph of a Bentley for example, don’t forget a close up on those beautiful chrome grills at the front, if its a Jaguar then don’t forget the close up of the jaguar that sits on the front of the hood. It is these small details that will make your car project really stand out. Mixing up these detailed shots with wider frames will help the viewer to see all aspects of the car.

Panning For Motion

Taking shots of a fast moving car whilst panning the camera is not an easy technique but once you have cracked it you will obtain some fantastic results. If your camera is static as the car passes you by the you are limiting your opportunities to get a great moving shot whereas if you pan your camera you will be able to get photos of both the car approaching and moving past you.

Many sports car owners love to have photographs taken of their car and many will pay a good price for you to do so. In order to ensure that you are up to the task you should practice on your own car first, it doesn’t matter what kind of car you have, the challenge here is taking the right shot,s, from the right angles and covering all the necessary details. Once you have nailed down the technique then you can start to take photos of cars which warrant a photograph.

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