Great Career Choices for the Most Academic Amongst Us

We are all born with some kind of gift, skills, personality traits and characteristics that set aside from others, there are many areas of our life in which we can work on to improve but there are also natural-born attributes which we all possess. Some of us creative types, others are naturally hard workers, some have an ability to be able to socialize well and some of us have a high level of intelligence and academic ability.

It is important when electing a career that you try to match your natural talents with the profession which you are entering in to and today we are going to take a look at the careers which are reserved for those with high IQs and natural intellect.



Top lawyers like Chicago-based prosecutor Jonathan Bunge are among some of the World’s smartest people. Not only do they need to be able to complete several years of education, delivering very high scores along the way but they need to be able to store an incredibly large amount of information in their brain. The law is not easy to understand and those who work in law firms must not only be required to have a firm grasp of it but also be able to present arguments in favor of upholding it for the good of their clients. If you have a natural ability for persuasive argument, an encyclopedic memory and a passion for justice then this is the career choice for you.


The salaries may not always reflect quite how smart you need to be in order to teach but let me tell you that there are fewer more noble professions than importing your knowledge on others. Teachers shape the minds and careers of millions of students each year, the best teachers are those with high levels of intellect and a style to which students can relate. A good teacher can be the difference between a student working in a job that pays well to a student who goes on to live their life to the fullest and in the way that they always dreamed of. There are few more inspirational and personally rewarding jobs out there than teaching.


Being a doctor has long been a measure of intelligence and there is little wonder with all of the knowledge which they must be able to possess as well as being skilled in all aspects of the human body. Doctors face many years studying their trade before they can gain a position and even once they begin their job they must consistently be a student of medicine and its movements and changes as we discover more about our bodies. A doctor’s ability to diagnose and repair the human body comes from the intelligence which he or she has, the level of work which they have put in to their positions and the way that they have been able learn from their experience. Becoming a doctor does not only require hours upon hours of hard work but also an incredible amount of intelligence.

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