Step-by-step plan to ship your car perfectly

Driving off-road sounds like a great idea until you take your driving time, costs, and wear and tear. 

Whether you are moving states, going to college, or buying a car on eBay auto auctions, having to drive your car across the country can take longer and cost more than you would expect. 

The alternative is to ship your car across the country in an open or closed carrier, where it will drive in style from state to state without adding any miles to the odometer. 

Once you have decided on transporting your car across the country with the carrier and have accounted for this in your budget, then it is time to check the “to dos” related to the car delivery. Knowing what you need to do to ship your car is the easiest way to smooth and ease the process.

Research Car Shipping Companies And Their Prices

You should feel comfortable that your carrier knows how to ship your car with care. Just as you will ask your transport company questions, you may want to get some information from the company before securing a booking. 

When you call them, you should ask how long it will take them to transport your car, if a deposit is required, and where the delivery vehicle will be stored during the night. 

Ensure that the company that delivers your car specializes in transporting cars has startling real customer testimonials and a clean record. 

You could get a detailed report on the company’s shipping licenses and complaint records, from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.

Check Insurance Coverage

Many car insurance companies will cover damage caused when you ship your car. However, whether or not your insurance plan covers your car’s delivery, you may want to ensure that the shipping company you choose is well-insured. 

Most auto transport companies have at least $50,000 in coverage, and you should ask about it before booking the company to ship your car.  

When you do, make sure that their insurance will cover if your car is damaged, although it is not actually in transit. You may want to know that your car is protected when parking for the night, during a pick-up, and unloading.

Book Your Shipment

Try to schedule the shipment of your car well in advance. Cars are often dispatched in a multifunctional vehicle, and extra days may be needed if the driver has to drop off other vehicles along the route. Your delivery specialist will be able to work out the details to meet your delivery needs.

Choosing The Right Kind of Carrier

There are mainly two kinds of carriers when shipping your car. Here are the two options:

Open Carriers

It’s a more economical choice, and when you have to transport more than one car, it becomes an ideal choice. Open carriers come in different shapes and sizes and are designed to carry many vehicles simultaneously. Even if the vehicle is open, your vehicle will be tied safely and carefully.

Closed Carriers

It is a more expensive option. However, it is the right choice for expensive custom, classic and sports cars, as they will keep them safe. They will also arrive at their destination without road dust and scratches. 

They can also carry multiple vehicles at once, but not as many as an open carrier. Most people choose closed carriers only when they need to move their vehicles during severe weather conditions.

Get The Documents Ready

It may not seem too clear, but when you know what to get, it is straightforward. Here are some documents that are usually needed:

  • Original title documents – these include title and registration along with any security document if you have one.
  • Notarized letter of ownership – It is if you are not the owner of the car, and you will need it if you are either picking up or transferring the car to a transportation company.
  • Insurance – in most cases, the moving company will offer you to buy it, but you can also check with your existing car insurance company to see if the move is covered.

If you need to send your car abroad, you will receive the following additional documents:

  • Promissory note of sale – you can even give a notarized promissory note of sale.
  • Sales tax is proof that you paid sales tax in the condition in which you purchased the car.
  • Import tax – you must pay this tax, which will vary depending on the destination country.
  • Power of attorney – this is necessary when you import the car on behalf of someone else.

Prepare Your Car To Be Shipped

A few minutes before you load the car and wave goodbye, you may want to take care of these final details:

  • Turn off your alarm
  • Fold in the side-view mirrors if possible
  • Remove and secure the antenna
  • Leave the keys with the transport company.

Check The Tires

Check to see if the vehicle’s tires are fully inflated and suitable for the destination’s conditions. If you are moving from one place to another, you may have to invest in new tires before moving your car to ensure that your car is suitable for driving.

You can do this a month or so before your shipment date, if you need to buy new tires.

Check Your Battery

Ensure the car’s battery is fully charged and fasten it to the brackets. A loosely charged battery can damage other parts of your car’s engine if it is pushed too hard during transport.

Follow this step a few weeks before the shipping date, just in case.

Make Sure The Emergency Brake Works

Your electronic brake should be operable before the shipment date, so check with the mechanic if you have any doubts that it is working correctly. It should be done a few weeks before your ship’s date, just in case.

Be Available For Pickup And Delivery

Plan to be there to hand the car over and collect it when it is delivered. If this is impossible, you can assign another person. 

The person accepting the car’s delivery will have to go through a delivery inspection and be able to pay any final amount owed (if there is an outstanding balance).

To Sum Up

The logistics of transporting your car around the country can feel overwhelming until you realize that transporting your vehicle unfolds one step at a time like everything else. Ensure that you choose a great shipper, and the transportation of your vehicle will be one less thing to worry about.

We hope that this step-by-step plan has helped you feel more confident in transporting your car to focus on all other responsibilities associated with moving or buying a car from a distant seller. 

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