Property Styling Is Much More Than Just Interior Design — Here’s Why

When you move to a new house or building- whether commercial or residential- you feel its fresh appeal and the possibility of a spacious, cosy space that will feel like home. When you require a professional to help achieve the visions to suit that, you get an interior designer. The day you move out of the house, you make your home look more appealing to potential buyers to achieve a higher price and quicker sale. For this, you will need a Property Stylist. Property Styling Is Much More Than Just Interior Design — Here’s Why.

The Purpose of Property Styling

This is more than what an interior designers’ goal is. Interior design focuses on tailoring a space to suit an individual, their family and their lifestyle. Based on a client’s preferences on furnishings, the layout of furniture, décor and colour palette; interior designers will turn your home into a place you will love and enjoy living in.

Property Stylists employ the right techniques needed to highlight the key features of a home. They consider the functionality and the optimal use of the space of your home. When presenting its full potential by showings or social media marketing, potential buyers are more interested. This will enable you to reach the ultimate goal- a successful sale of your house with the best possible result.

The Clientele

The clients of a Property stylist are mostly real estate agents and individuals that are selling their houses. They maximize your house’s sale within the quickest amount of time possible. Interior designers provide design services to enhance interiors of property developers or individuals who are in need of professional expertise. They help to carry out their vision of updating the look and feel of the interiors of their current home.

If you are in need of marketing promotions for a target audience, a property stylist will help transform your home and make it irresistible to the broadest range of buyers.

The Functions of a Property Stylist

The main functions are to transform your home and use creative visions to appeal to the emotional connections for prospective buyers. They like to maximize on making an entrance- the first glimpse of a property makes the first and more lasting impression to a possible buyer. They maximize on décor accessories, mirrors and use of wall art.

• Colour Schemes- A property stylist will start by applying a fresh coat of paint. It makes the home feel and look brand new. To appeal to a broader audience, the use of light neutral colours with warm undertones is advised. While an interior designer is more specific to an individual’s taste in colour, bold statement colour palettes would polarize many people. Having a property stylist will fill the palettes with fresh colours, crisp whites and warm neutrals to match your home’s features.

• Furniture- Make your home aesthetically appealing by getting furnishings in the right shape and sizes. A good property stylist will make sure a piece is a perfect size for your space. He or she will present an adequately made bed that is well-dressed and layered with cushions and throws.

• Décor and Accessories- It’s always in the details. Art on walls make a room pop, and a potential buyer will remember. Setting the dining table or placing a bowl of fruits in the kitchen are some trivial details that will spark an emotional connection with potential buyers.

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