Schedule Your Own Home Spa: How to relax on a tight budget

The stress of the work environment seems to continue to grow as more and more people don’t have the time to relax. Being forced to commit to responsibilities day in and day out makes it impossible for hard-working people to just let loose and find the time to treat themselves to a day without having to worry about anybody else. Setting up a personal spa day is pretty easy just as long as you make the time and effort to make it happen. Here are a few tips to help you set up your own personal vacation.


With a tight budget in terms of time and money, you should make sure to let your co-workers or friends know how long your escape into paradise will be, just so you won’t worry them with your sudden disappearance. Be sure to stock up on anything that you will need to relax, whether it be snacks, food, movies to rent, or setting up your soundtrack for the day. It’s all about the little things when it comes to preparing for your very own personalized vacation.


Everyone wants to have that hundred-dollar spa day where you’re pampered by soothing music and that full body massage. You can have it too without having to pay a penny, though with slightly altered mechanics. Relaxation improves motivation and functionality in the work space, but it shouldn’t demand too much out of you to enjoy yourself. One of the simplest ways to relax is having a long warm bath without the harassment of finishing quickly to get ready for work. Take it to the next step by finally trying out a face mask and At Home Hand & Foot Masks for this special occasion. Put that together with the relaxing music of your liking – if nature sound effects aren’t really your thing, try to set up a calm and serene vibe in your own bathroom. When your done try on a new nail design by imPRESS Manicure while your at it. These at home nail kits are easy to apply, look great and are much more affordable than the nail salon.


With half of the day done, with rejuvenated skin and a mind without worry, treat yourself to a meal in your own home by cooking yourself something you haven’t had in a long time, or ordering take-out to splurge on what you usually don’t eat on a regular basis. Having this time to yourself in isolation is a great escape from the busy world out there. Don’t worry about being too selfish in choosing to be on your own for this day, because everyone needs ‘me time’ every now and then. After setting yourself up with a wonderful dinner capped off with a film to end the day, this is sure to make you better motivated the next day.