Healthy Menopause – Tips to help with symptoms of menopause


It happens to the best of us. Somewhere in our 40s or 50s the menopause fairy comes for a visit. And she brings with her hot flashes, higher risk for heart disease and arthritis as well as weight gain and mood swings. A healthier diet along with exercise will go a long way to increasing wellness and bringing back youthful energy.

Aging does not necessarily come with weight gain. While it’s not uncommon for women in their 40’s and up to gain weight, it is usually a result of less activity than hormones. However, the hormonal changes that occur during menopause can shift where the fat deposits pivot to – like hips, belly, and upper arms.

To combat these symptoms, take charge of your wellness and get healthier here are some dietary tips designed for women in menopause.

Slim down

Slim down. Easier said than done, especially when creaking bones and joints stop us from doing the things we love. But by taking off a few extra pounds, you can diminish those menopausal symptoms and reduce some other big time health risks associated with being overweight.

Slimming down not only reduces the risks of heart disease and breast cancer, both of which increase in risk after menopause but research shows that losing weight can cut down on hot flashes.

Cutting calories without sacrificing nutrition is the key. Meal replacement or protein shakes that are high in nutrition and vitamins are a great way to cut calories. One new product on the market, Le-Vel reviews suggest this line of supplements and meal replacement shakes are a simple way to increase energy and build a healthier lifestyle.

Yes to soy!

Plant estrogens are in soy, and this has lead many think eating soy increases breast cancer risk. Japanese women not only eat the highest amount of soy in the world they also have the lowest risk for breast cancer, but for those Japanese women who live in the US, they eat less soy and have a higher risk of breast cancer.

Foods rich in soy can help alleviate a number of menopause symptoms including the dreaded hot flashes.

Try herbal iced tea

During menopause starting your day with a hot beverage might not be the most comfortable way to go – in general, warm beverages trigger hot flashes.

To minimize the discomfort, consider swapping cold tea for hot coffee.

Find a diet that fits

Losing weight comes down to calories in and calories out. A balanced diet that cuts calories, that you can live with will do the trick. Creating a caloric deficit is key to weight loss.

However, a study has found that postmenopausal women on a diet that is lower in fat and higher in complex carbohydrates from vegetables, fruits, and grain were less likely to gain weight than women who had a higher fat intake in their diets.

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