Vegan Options From Green Door West


Green Door West is a cannabis delivery company that offers vegan marijuana delivery throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas in Southern California. We have a loyal following of customers who turn to us because of our Green Door West vegan options, which are just as natural and effective, plus they are cruelty free.

What is Vegan Weed?

Vegan cannabis is popular today among cannabis consumers and it’s becoming an option that they demand. This is why Green Door West makes sure we carry a large range of vegan cannabis products. Our customers have told us they want the health benefits that cannabis offers without contributing to harming animals. Many people don’t know that traditional cannabis might not be cruelty free. Farming methods used to grow traditional cannabis often use animal-based soil additives and nutrients, including animal bones, fish hydrolase, and meal from animal blood.

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Who Choose Vegan Weed?

It’s important to point out that the animal products mentioned above are frequently used in organic cannabis growing practices, so purchasing organic doesn’t mean you’re purchasing cruelty free. Vegan weed is the only weed that is cruelty free, and it offers the same medicinal properties as other weed. Veganic weed is a hybrid between vegan and organic marijuana. Veganic weed is cruelty free and it’s natural, offering the consumer a cannabis product that is not grown with synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Green Door West Vegan Options for Marijuana Delivery Near Me

Green Door West specializes in vegan cannabis. We offer our customers cruelty-free flowers, tinctures, concentrates, and edibles that are made using growing practices that focus on keeping animals safe. Our selection of vegan weed includes the best cannabis strains and edibles that are manufactured by top brands. Green Door West provides vegan cannabis delivery throughout LA and Orange County, California.

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