5 Exciting Ways to Keep Scarily Fit

Apart from eating a healthy diet, we also require to workout to stay healthy and have good bodies. Gym or working out is not for everybody, and we all have felt like giving up at one point especially in the case where we don’t see good results as we had anticipated.Sometimes it can get boring if the routines are all the same day in day out. So what are some of the exciting workout routines that you can engage yourself in to spice up your workout?

1. Go for a hike

Hiking is a form of exercise, but a lot of people tend to view it as a recreational activity. This activity helps in burning calories, and you also get to tone and strengthen your body muscles. What makes hiking fun is that you can either do it with your friends or loved ones whereby walking through the woods and the trails make hiking a fun and adventurous form of exercise. So if you feel like treadmill is not working for you how about you invite your friends for a hike this weekend!

2. Walking

Walking is another great and enjoyable exercise that you can use to lose some pounds. You can engage in walking while going for a meeting if the office is about 30 minutes walk to the meeting point, walk when going to the grocery store and also if you have a dog you can tag it along. For new born mothers who are not able to go to the gym can engage in 30 minutes walk in the morning and in the evening and this would be so fun as they also get to take the baby out for some morning and evening sunlight and fresh air.


If you love to dance then, this is an excellent workout for you and if you don’t know how about you get to learn some moves! Dancing involves a lot of movements body shaking and jumping up and down which in return leaves you sweating and burning these calories. Even if you are not able to move in the right steps of the song, rest assured you will love and be thrilled to dance to the rhythm of the song. Also note that a lot of gyms are now developing dancing trains as a way of losing weight where people are taught various dances such as salsa, hip hop and so on. So get your workout buddy and learn some dance moves and get to lose some pounds in return.

4. Muay Thai

If you are bored of lifting weights as a form of exercise, you should try out this sport. It is a kind of kick boxing activity although it uses unique accessories. It is a kind of art that involves two opponents throwing kicks o each other, but it is done in artistic ways. This game is fun to learn as long you have the right knowledge on how it is done which you can get at MMA Warfare’s Muay Thai guide.

5. Rock climbing

One way to achieve excellent and well-toned body is by engaging in exercises that involve the entire body.So if you want to reach these results consider engaging yourself in rock climbing. Rock climbing involves the arms, legs and the core which in return helps in toning these areas. Therefore, not only do you get a good body out of it but you also have real adventurous experience doing it.

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