Digital Photography and the Global Revolution

Digital PhotographyWhen we think of digital photography, we usually think of either holiday snaps or professional photographers. We don’t think of companies such as Med Photo Manager, who focus on medical photography, or of educational establishments, or of space exploration. But in reality, all of those areas and more have been influenced by the developments of digital photography. Let’s take a look at the five industries where it has played the biggest role.

  1. Medicine

The availability of digital photography has saved countless of lives, while also making the overall healthcare system more efficient. Today, medical records that have been obtained via photography can be sent the world over. Additionally, many endoscopy procedures, which are life-saving but incredibly safe, are only possible thanks to digital photography.

  1. The Online World

Over the past 10 years, cyber space has become somewhere to interact socially. Once upon a time, it was only suitable for people with extensive technical knowledge, but everybody is able to use it. And the sharing of digital photographs is a huge element of this. In fact, some social media websites like Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest function almost solely on digital photography. Furthermore, digital photography is an essential element of website building.

  1. Space Exploration

One of the greatest achievements of mankind is the ability to explore space. This has only truly been made possible, however, thanks to digital photography. The images of Mars we are now so familiar with, for instance, have been made possible thanks to the digital cameras attached to the Mars Exploration Rovers. Digital cameras have the ability to translate an image into data, send it to another computer, which is then able to translate it back to an image.

  1. The Sports Industry

Sporting events are now reliant on digital photography. No longer are we limited by the slow 35mm cameras of days gone by. No longer are photographers limited by the amount of film rolls they have with them. They can simply keep clicking on their camera and hugely increase their chance of catching that “one in a million” shot.

  1. Education

Last but not least, digital photography has transformed the world of education. It has made learning more accessible, more rewarding, and far more interactive. Additionally, because it is low cost, students are able to use it to their advantage and create projects in a way that they can afford. Some universities now deliver their courses fully online, which is made possible thanks to digital photography.

Next time you pick up your DSLR, or even take a picture with your smartphone, don’t take your camera for granted. Think, for a minute, how this little piece of technology that we are now all so familiar with and accustomed to, has changed the world and continues to shape our future. That tool you hold in your hands has saved lives, educated millions, entertained the masses, and pushed forward the future of mankind. Digital photography truly is the best invention since sliced bread.

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