Advantages to gambling online rather than in casinos or bookies

Online gambling is now bigger than ever, with millions of people dabbling in bets or games on a daily basis but why exactly is it better to gamble online? There are many reasons why gambling online has massive advantages, take a look at a couple of the game specific advantages below:

Sports betting

Sports betting online is in a different class compared to the old method of looking in the paper for stagnant odds, grabbing the phone and making a call to the bookie. Some people would also bet on sports whilst in select casinos, but who wants to travel all that way to make one bet? With online gambling you get instant and updated odds, the ability to cash out your bet before it ends and the ability to bet on almost anything in the sports game instead of just score or winner. You can even go ahead and check out all e-sports betting at William Hill which enables you to bet on online game competitions for money, something which has never been heard of before!

all e-sports betting at William Hill

Online Poker

Going to a casino is a good social aspect of playing poker but for serious poker players it can often be frustrating. Some casinos only have one cash table at a time or one tournament per week so you can’t actually get much poker playing done whatsoever. Online poker opens you up to a world of poker tables at any time of the day. It also offers you a huge amount of different types of poker to play, different size tables, sit n go tables, dozens of tournaments daily and the ability to win money off people all over the world.


Slots are a favourite game for many people, extremely easy with the possibility of gifting you with a huge jackpot. In casinos now most of the slots are digital anyway, if you go online you will see that you can find hundreds and hundreds of different types of slots to play and, to reiterate, you don’t even need to leave your home! You could have the luckiest day of your life without even standing up.


Playing roulette online is a complete simulation of playing at a casino and it offers the exact same rewards. The advantage to playing roulette online is that you can think logically and not get caught up in the casino mentality, many players when it comes to roulette end up getting caught up with other players bets and losing an insane amount of money, at home, most people will tend to call it a day before they lose everything.

Those are just a few of the advantages to just a few of the available forms of gambling online, if you are a serious gambler or even just like the occasional gamble, you should take advantage of the bonuses available online and check them out for yourself! Just be careful to be responsible when gambling and take advantage of the deposit limits you can set yourself.

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