Adding More Colors To Your Bedroom

Why we love our bedrooms

The bedroom is more than just a place to retire at the end of a long day. It means different things to different people and it is a space highly cherish, respected and even revered by some. It is a safe haven, a world away from the noise where people can relax and take a breather. It is the most private of spaces where one can be themselves away from the prying eyes and judging lips of the outside world.

5 reasons why you should incorporate more color into the bedroom

The interior décor of our bedrooms reflect our personalities and state of mind. The colors and tones we use set the tone for a soft and relaxing atmosphere. However, most people are afraid of colors because they fear they can be overwhelming. So their rooms are often severely neutral, have little specks of pigment or worse are completely bland. They lack that soothing quality and makes for a very boring aesthetic. Adding color to your bedroom livens up the space and makes it a more welcome and desirable atmosphere to be in.

1. Colors create a desirable ambience

Adding colors to your bedroom creates an ambience that is soft, soothing and quiet. There are so many colors that are peaceful and restful. Pastels, solid hues and pale gold are colors the mind finds soothing and they lend a restful relaxing atmosphere to the room allowing you to unwind.

2. Colors make your space stylish and interesting

Proper use of colors makes any room vibrant, stylish and elegant. What makes interior décor really stand out is the strategic use of complementary colors and texture on items to create a look and feel that is pleasant to the eye. Bedrooms do not have to be bland uninteresting rooms where you just go to sleep. Colors will make your bedroom stylish and elegant.

3. Colors reflect your personality

The state and condition of your bedroom is a reflection of your personality whether bold, calm, outgoing or adventurous. Our bedrooms are typically embellished with trinkets and mementos positioned in several places around the room. While these objects are nice and trigger warm memories, they rarely do enough to really project our inner selves. Our choice of colors speaks volumes about who we are, and what we are like. The bedroom is the one place where we spend most of our time so it is only wise that everything about it complements our personality.

4. Colors allow you to exercise your creativity

Your bedroom is your space and the walls are your canvas. There is no limit to what you can do with colors on a wall. There are so many things you can use to decorate your bedroom and give it a fresh new look often. A fresh coat of paint, colorful arts and craft, paintings, wallpapers and a good wall sticker are all examples of colorful ways to incorporate more color and animation to your room. The fact that they are versatile and easily replaced creates opportunities for you to manipulate your walls as often as you like.

5. Colors Improve mental health and Stimulate the thought process.

The early hours of the morning and the moments before we fall asleep are the moments when we have our deepest clearest thoughts. Colors have been proven to stimulate brain activity and influence our thought processes. A room where we spend most of our time should be embellished in colors that are calming and soothing and encourages clear and rational thought. Adding color to your bedroom affords you this benefit.


A room that is clinically all white or disharmoniously pigmented doesn’t do much for our aesthetics or mental health. Colors are a part of everyday life and incorporating them into our bedrooms affords us a chance to enjoy the many benefits of a room tailored specifically our needs and taste.

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