What is correct kettlebell swing technique?

Improving your timing in addition to your technique allows for safe, high-repetition kettlebell swing sets that will increase work capacity, functional explosiveness as well as muscular endurance. The kettlebell swing is also a gateway into a number of other ballistic kettlebell exercises. These movements have even more benefits for your strength, conditioning as well as agility.

The benefits of the kettlebell swing

You can make use of Kettlebell Swings in order to train towards several different goals such as increasing your vertical jump, getting faster and burning fat. However, this exercise is more complicated than just swinging a kettlebell up and down.

There are a number of key points to this deceptively technical exercise which will assist with performing it using the proper form. Even if you’ve been taught by a kettlebell instructor who knows what they’re doing, it’s still vert easy to stray from the path when you’ve been doing kettlebell swimngs for a while.

The first steps towards a kettlebell swing

If you want to know a how to additional information about how to do a kettlebell swing properly, the primary thing that you need to know is that you probably shouldn’t emulate the people you see doing this exercise in the gym.


This is because most individuals are doing the kettlebell swing poorly. As a result, they could injure themselves. In every gym that we’ve been to, the kettlebell swing technique seems to be different. It is possible for you to see some dreadful demonstrations.

The most common mistake that you will see is excessive knee bend in addition to no hip drive. You also see far too much arm involvement. If this happens, it becomes a front raise. Preferably, your forearm should remain connected to your body until you drive your hips.

Perfect kettlebell swing form

Here’s how to adopt the perfect kettlebell swing form:

Step 1: Stand up tall and have your feet shoulder-width apart. Ensure that the kettlebell is approximately a foot in front of you and is on the ground. Bend at your waist. Grasp the kettlebell handle with both of your hands. At this point, your palms should be facing your body. In addition, your torso should be almost parallel to the floor.

Step 2: Pull your shoulders down as well as back. Brace your core before beginning the exercise. Ensure that you maintain these form cues during the entire set.

Step 3: Lift the kettlebell off the floor. Allow it to swing in the space between your legs. Your knees should be bending slightly during this movement. Maintain your back in a flat position. Keep your neck straight.

Step 4: In a forceful manner, drive your hips forward so that you propel the kettlebell into the air. Regulate the kettlebell with your arms however don’t pull it up. The kettlebell should not travel beyond your shoulders.

Step 5: Let the kettlebell swing down as well as back through your legs. Regulate the descent by maintaining your core engaged. As the kettlebell drops, move directly as well as fluidly into the next rep.

Step 6: On your last rep, allow the kettlebell to swing back through your legs. After this, place it a foot in front of you on the floor.

As you practise, incorporate these key points to ensure that you maintain good form. These may seem strange at first however as soon as you begin performing reps, you’ll see how relevant they are in terms of maintaining proper form.

If you are lost on how to perform exercises with a kettlebell, be sure to consult with a trained personal trainer to show you the ropes.

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