VPS Will Help Your Business Thrive

One thing no business should take lightly is ensuring the security of its website. Many security breaches that occur over the internet happen to business that expect them the least, that consider themselves smaller competitors and as a result don’t suspect they could become victims of malicious or criminal activities. If your business runs on a shared hosting platform, the chances of a hack are higher, because servers are easier for hackers to access.

Even though you may not think your business information could ever be considered useful to them, they can still use the shared server to spam both your clients, and those of other companies using it. This is a very dangerous predicament to be in for e-commerce businesses in particular, as a client’s credit card information can also become available; if this information is used and accessed, the effects could be detrimental.

To protect both your enterprise and your customers, those who frequently make online transactions through their website or online store should consider switching from shared hosting onto a Virtual Private Server, or VPS. Cursory research online will help you learn more about VPS hosting benefits — including the fact that your website activities are isolated from that of your neighbour’s, which means that should an intruder break into a section of the server that another website is using, your business activities will not be affected, and your company’s information will remain safe.

Furthermore, web hosting providers like HostPapa offer a fully managed VPS, meaning security audits, network issue diagnostics, software upgrades and firewall setup are all taken care of on your behalf. Lack of upgrades is another primary concern when it comes to security because delaying an update (to an app that hackers know how to get into for example) can expose you to an attack.

A strong web host will also include a variety of additional security features in their VPS packages. They provide clients with the infrastructure to become e-commerce optimized, the VPS is often provisioned on blacklist free IPs, and they provide businesses with Let’s Encrypt SSL. Furthermore, brute force detection allows those monitoring the server to stop hackers from trying to guess passwords, and companies can store information on numerous drives – creating more work for trespassers should they make an attempt to steal information. This is also a more trusted server option for businesses like marketing agencies or graphic design firms who require safe and secure access to their clients’ websites to do their work – not just their own.

A VPS allows businesses to breathe easy knowing their online activities will pose a much smaller threat to their customer base. What’s more is that most VPS packages are relatively more affordable now than they have been in previous years, typically starting at just $19.99 a month (which is only a fraction more than a traditional Business plan on a shared server). Maintaining an online presence is essential to connecting with a modern-day client base, however a vulnerable online presence can pose more harm to your clients than good. Switch over to VPS today and alleviate this risk while giving yourself peace of mind.

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