Top 3 Fishing Magazines in the U.S.

If you have recently taken up fishing, you probably want to learn about your passion as much as your time allows you to. The Internet is packed with countless resources, some of which are better than others. First off, we suggest you take advantage of all of the videos that can be found online. One of the first places you should check out is YouTube.

Believe it or not, anglers are quite enthusiastic when it comes to the techniques they employ and the gear they like to use. Many of these fishers will go into great detail as to which equipment is suited for which type of water and fish species, and they’ll offer you a good suggestion whenever they can.

Another resource you may want to utilize consists of online forums. Fishing Planet has a set of wonderful threads where people talk about tackle, baits and lures, tournaments, competitions, and a variety of interesting topics. Best of all, this site even has threads in Portuguese, Polish, German, and Russian. So, even if you don’t speak English all that well, you can still get some tips and tricks in the language that you know.

If you’re a bit nostalgic when it comes to getting your angling-related information, we have prepared a list of the three most popular fishing magazines you can subscribe to. All of these are critically acclaimed, and many tackle topics other than fishing. In fact, we’ve noticed that some even include pieces of advice regarding hunting techniques and the best practices.

Field & Stream

It’s possible that Field & Stream is the most popular publication you might find. There are as many as 12 issues per year, which means that you’ll get one in your mailbox every month. The neat thing about this magazine is that it contains a plethora of useful advice regarding both fishing and hunting.

Some of the articles go into detail regarding the books you ought to read if you are just starting out while others are extensive reviews on gear and even U.S. waters. You’ll also find that this magazine includes a variety of survival-related advice, as well as more than enough hunting tips and tricks.

If you are feeling wary as to whether or not you should get a subscription off the bat, the least you could do is check out the official website of the publication. It’s jam-packed with neat videos and even snippets of books that you might find useful.

Sport Fishing Magazine

From the info that we have gathered about this type of publication, it appears that its editors go through a lot of trouble to make the content they create as reader-friendly as possible. What this means for you is that, whether you’re a rookie or a well-seasoned angler, you can understand what the articles are about.

Since the angling terminology can be more or less baffling, you’ll notice that the vast majority of the writing pieces showcased in Sport Fishing Magazine are comprehensive. You can also get an online subscription which consists of articles on GPS units, safety gear, rigs, knots, and even how to get a brand new fishing boat.

Fly Fisherman

Because it is by far one of the simplest techniques ever to have been invented, fly fishing is also one of the most popular ones. As its name suggests, this publication reviews all sorts of equipment primarily designed for this particular type of angling. That doesn’t mean that fishers interested in other techniques can’t get their cake, and eat it, too.

In fact, Fly Fisherman is rather versatile and straightforward. As is the case with the other magazines we have mentioned in this selection, we suggest checking out the magazine’s official website to see whether it is worth the bang for the buck and whether it contains the info you want to read.

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