The Difference Between Picking Perfumes for Men and for Women

Men and women are very different and require different cosmetic items. These differences can extend down to scents. A man is unlikely to pick something very floral and feminine while a woman is unlikely to reach for a musky, masculine cologne. Here are some of the crucial differences between scents for men and women.


What Men Like

Men tend to choose deeper, more earthy scents. Dominant personalities will lean towards amber scents. The mysterious man at the bar will no doubt wear a cologne with notes of amber somewhere. Likewise, a charismatic man might lean towards a woodier perfume. Cedarwood or sandalwood and patchouli are all great scents to lean towards if you prefer a woodier scent.

Men can also choose floral scents without compromising any masculinity. Lean towards lavender or violets mixed with one of the notes above for a lighter and more floral, yet still masculine, cologne. There are just as many options as there are for women. If you have not yet tried wearing scent, you should definitely consider it. Find the right one to match you and your skin’s natural scent and sit back as the compliments roll in.

What Women Like

Women tend to love lighter and fresher scents. Grapefruit might be used as a more feminine citrus fragrance while rose is a popular floral ingredient. Women’s fragrance also tends to be a lot sweeter than men. While some ingredients like patchouli might appear in both men and women’s scents, you are only like to find strawberries in a perfume marketed for women.

That isn’t to say women can’t enjoy the muskier scents. You can easily buy now perfume for women containing oud and amber. The woman who wears such a scent will no doubt exude confidence and determination with everything she does.

Unisex Scents

Unisex scents are becoming increasingly more popular for everyone to try to wear. From men wanting something lighter to women wanting something a little muskier, there are plenty of reasons why you should think about trying a unisex scent.

The market is teeming with brands with unisex scents. From Tom Ford to Calvin Klein, no matter your budget you will be able to find an excellent gender-neutral perfume which is perfect for you and your personal aesthetic.

Whether you are a man or a woman, there are some basic rules to perfume buying you must always follow. Know where the best places to apply the perfume are (as these are different for male and female anatomies) and never crush the fragrance by rubbing your wrists together. You should always wait before buying a perfume to ensure that you fully enjoy all of the notes and not just the top ones. Finally, only by wearing the perfume yourself will you be able to tell if it truly suits you.

Men and women’s fragrances may smell very different but the process to discover them are the same. Choose carefully and you will soon have a signature scent which you will always be happy to wear.