Spring Fashion 2018 Trends

Have you already set your sights on the upcoming spring season? Well, there is not much that you can be certain of in 2018. Like whether you will ever stop binge-watching box sets or use your gym membership.

What you can be sure of is what to wear. Yes, and that’s simply because fashion houses have already been setting out summer and spring’s biggest trends. From purple to polka dots, feathers to clear plastic, there were a huge variety of styles on display last December at Milan, Paris, London and New York Fashion Week.

Here’s how you can get ahead with the spring fashion 2018, for next time you hit the shops:

50 Shades of Lavender

Every year, when Spring/Summer comes around, a new pastel palette takes over and this year, it will be no different. It’s all about different shades of purple if you want to be on trend in 2018. This type of style will remind you of the beauty Queen Cleopatra, whose favourite colour is believed to be purple. She skilfully combined both Egyptian and Greek elements in her wardrobe. To draw some inspirations from her, you can visit her exclusive slot game called the Cleopatra Slot, at Kitty Bingo.

Lavender is taking over from “romantic pink” as the next must-have colour and was presented in metallic, structured suits and floaty dresses at last December’s fashion week. Beautiful models such as Erdem, Bottega Veneta, Valentino and Michael Kors were all over this look in the event.

Double Dark Denim

Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears want their double denim back. During the upcoming spring season, 00s fashion with matching denim but in a deep indigo shade will be trendy. The ripped and embellished jeans of the last decade will be more of a polished and sophisticated look. If you fancy the double denim, then this style will most probably suit you best.

The Plastics

This is a futuristic fashion trend of 2018, that most people will fancy during the spring season. Handbags, knee-high boots and trench coats all appear in shiny see-through plastic. This fashion style might be the most realistic look of 2018. It’s also easier to clean and waterproof.

Fringing and Features

If you are looking forward to a big event in the spring 2018, then think of fringing and feathers. But remember, this style is not for the daytime look.

By choosing a fringed top or skirt, or perhaps a feather trimmed bag, you can be on trend without going all out. If you want to have a foretaste of such look, search for Salvatore Ferragamo, Celine, Loewe and Dior at last December’s fashion week.

Polka Dots in Reverse

This style might be perfect if you are attending an event in the upcoming spring season. Black on white polka dots will offer a twist on a classic look. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wait for the spring season to enjoy this fashion sense. You can invest in a polka dot dress or top to wear it all year round. If there is one trend that really thrives in all seasons, it’s this marvellous one.

If you are going to get married, this is also the perfect season to look for beach wedding dresses.

Majority of you are always looking a season forward to find the next trend or item. Well, basically, as fashion-lovers, it’s part of almost everyone’s DNA. So, these fashion tips can positively help you make the right choice in the upcoming spring season!

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