The Latest Scoop on Social Media Management Suites

Social Media Management Suites can help you manage your accounts like a pro

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In 2017, digital marketing professionals are expected to look beyond SEO when they design online branding campaign for their clients, and they will certainly use social media management suites for this purpose.

Enterprise social media management software (ESMMS), more commonly known as social media suites, allows marketing professionals to monitor real-time conversations, identify trends, spot branding opportunities, create campaigns, stick to an editorial calendar, engage with prospects, help clients, and forge positive brand images for their clients.

Here are some of the latest developments in the world of social media management suites:

Hootsuite Reaches Milestone

The most popular ESMMS platform has officially become the largest in terms of active users. A few years ago, Hootsuite started out as a fancy platform to manage Twitter accounts; these days, this social media suite is used by 15 million clients who take advantage of its powerful features. Although many of the features and functions offered by Hootsuite can be found in other EMMS packages, the company’s dedication to digital marketing professionals is legendary. Earlier this year, the tech firm organized Connect via Hootsuite, a marketing conference attended by thousands of professionals from 136 nations.

TuneCore Social for Musicians

The field of digital music distribution has become extremely competitive in the 21st century. Music fans demand constant engagement from their favorite artists; this translates into lots of Facebook and Twitter updates in addition to checking the action on SoundCloud, or Mixedcloud for electronic music artists. TuneCore, a digital music distribution channel, recently acquired JustGo, a social media suite geared towards independent musicians, which is being renamed as TuneCore Social. This suite can be used for free by artists who choose TuneCore for distribution.

Improving Signal-to-Noise Ratios on Social Media

How can social media managers and marketing professionals identify the channels they should be using to reach prospects? One way of doing so is by using tools that help cut through the sheer amount of noise on social networks so that a good signal can be selected. For example, a title loan lender in Florida can use tools such as Traackr and Mention to listen for Facebook conversations about how to get a title loan estimate. Zooming into this conversation, the lender can see those who are engaged in that discussion and the places where they gather.

Gaining a Competitive Edge With Social Media Suites

More than half of American and European digital marketers use ESMMS solutions; those who have not yet embraced these tools are likely to fall behind the curve and see their business negatively impacted as a result. An international survey conducted by a market research group over the summer of 2016 indicates that marketers who are not using social media suites feel that they lack the expertise needed to use the software. Interestingly, only about a quarter of marketing professionals have advised their clients to integrate their customer relationship management (CRM) systems with their ESMMS tools. This could result in missed online marketing opportunities for major brands.

It is important for digital marketing professionals to understand that the world of online social networks is constantly changing, and one of the best methods to stay abreast of this information is by constantly using social media suites that deliver news on the topic of online marketing, branding and advertising.

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