What You Need to do in Order to Turn Your Idea Into a Business

Throughout my life and career I cannot tell you how many of those lightbulb moments which I have had that I failed to act upon. You know the ones, you may be on the bus, waiting for a friend or simply walking down the street when ZAP, an idea comes into your head which you think could make a successful business. The sad fact is that the large majority of people who have these rare moments fail to act on them.


There are many reasons for this, from fear to being defeatist and the truth is that if you don’t do it then someone else is bound to have the idea and go on to make millions from it. There are many inspirational people out there like Lloyd Claycomb who had a business idea and followed through on it to make it a success and here’s what you need to do in order to follow suit.

Seek Advice

The first place to start when you have an idea is to get some advice on setting up your own business, you can speak to a professional or tap into the pages and pages of free advice which you can find online.

Make a Plan

Whatever your idea is, it is important that you sit down and carefully map out how the whole thing will work. How will the company look? What will you sell? How will you sell it? These are just some of the questions that you should be asking yourself before you even begin to get the ball rolling.

Do Your Research

Once you have a plan in place it is time to start putting some facts and figures next to your plan in order to turn it into a business model. You should be looking into your target market, your potential competitors, the industry itself and customer trends in order to find out how best you can approach the market and where you will fit in.

Get Some Money

Every business on the planet needs money in order to get things off the ground and once you have your business model in place, it is time to go get that money. There are lots of different methods which you can adopt in terms of getting financed for your idea. You could go to the bank, find grants or even look for some angel investors who can give you their money and the benefit of their expertise in order to become successful.

Hit Go

Once you have a secure business model and some funds to get started, it is time to hit the green light and launch your business. As long as you are ready then there is nothing stopping you from getting started, you may make mistakes but instead of wasting time planning for them, let them happen, learn from them and become a better business as a result of them.

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