Must See Places Threatened by Climate Change

If you love to travel and want to see every corner of this amazing earth? Well, you better act quick! Due to man made climate change some of the earth’s most beautiful and unique places may be gone in the coming years. Here are some of the must see places threatened by climate change that you definitely need to check out soon. Whether you like freezing water or tropical paradises, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this unique places.

Italy’s famous floating city is known for it’s iconic boats and canals but this city isn’t actually floating. Actually, Venice is sinking! While this isn’t a new fact is sinking at an incredibly alarming rate due to rising sea levels. Scientists worry in year to come the city will be inhabitable due to near constant flooding. So if you want to visit one of Europe’s most romantic and iconic Italian cities, you better act quick because this is a must see place threatened by climate change.

Places Threatened by Climate ChangeSwiss Alps
The world famous mountain range that spans the bulk of central Europe is known for its magnificent snow packed bluffs, world class skiing and unparalleled landscape photography. Thousands flock to these ski slopes every year to enjoy the natural wonder and unique culture this region has to offer. Sadly, these slopes are under threat due to rising temperatures. As avid skiers and snowboarders know, it only takes a few degrees to turn perfect powdery snow into brown muddy slush. Sport enthusiasts and nature lovers should be gravely concerned about this loss. But even more serious than skiing and photo-ops is another potential problem, a huge percentage of Europe’s water flows down from the Alps’ snow packs so without these there could be potential water shortages in these areas.

Great Barrier Reef
Located off the coast of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is one truly one of the world’s greatest wonders. This underwater jungle is home to some of the most diverse and remarkable creatures in the sea. Sadly, it is facing a massive threat due to man made climate change, warming seas. The warming oceans are a result of shrinking polar ice caps and even a few degrees can cause mass “bleaching” or die-outs of these one of a kind living rocks that make the Great Barrier Reef such a massive breeding ground for all these living things. So if you wan to see some of the word’s best underwater images, check out the Great Barrier Reef.

Our hope is that by visiting these places and fully experiencing their beauty you will be inspired to do something about climate change. The more people that appreciate the value of these locations and understand the real threat they are under, the better chance we have at saving this astonishing locations that are under threat. So visiting  places threatened by climate change you can not only have once in a lifetime experience you may also be able to ensure this locations are preserved for generations to come.

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