The Luxury Lifestyle of Company Heads


Chief executives are known for having luxurious lifestyles. Managers of large companies have to work long hours and cope with a lot of stress, and are paid well for doing so. Companies also pamper their chief executives with perks to help them relax and make better use of their time. Whether its flights on private jets or executive hotel lounges, company heads enjoy a luxury lifestyle that most people can only envy.

Why company heads enjoy a luxurious lifestyle

This luxurious life is not on offer to everyone, and only the top achievers attain the sort of respect, high pay and prestige that goes with a high-end lifestyle. Throughout their careers, company heads have shown their managers and peers that they care about the business and that they are willing to go the extra mile to get results.

It is this dedication that sets company heads apart. Businesses recognize that individuals with such a high desire to achieve are worth holding on to, and this is one of the reasons why executives are enjoying luxurious perks. The competition for top-level talent is high, so a company that can outdo its competitors when it comes to chasing management talent will have the best people running it, to the detriment of other players in the field.

The lifestyle benefits of being at the top

Frequent traveling is a requirement of most top jobs, and this is often where the luxurious lifestyle of top employees is most visible. From first-class airfares to trips by private jet, the goal is to allow top workers to relax as they travel, while also doing a bit of work. A well-rested executive is more creative and more efficient at their job, so companies often pay for very comfortable accommodation while company heads are traveling, which can include suites in five-star hotels.

Senior executive pay is high, so it is not uncommon for company heads to have a high disposable income. Evangelos Marinakis, for example, invested in a personal yacht, which is the ultimate way to relax and reconnect with nature. Company heads often have multiple luxury properties around the world, allowing them to be close to home no matter which part of the world they are doing business in.

Company heads also have a lot of influence over charitable giving. One of the most enjoyable aspects of working at the top in a large company is the ability to spend company funds on worthy causes, with the blessing of shareholders. The ability to give to the arts or to charities, which support people in life and in health, is a very satisfying activity that goes a long way towards rewarding executives for their efforts.

Getting to a top position

Achieving top positions take time. Most senior employees started working at a much lower level, fresh out of school or university. Each step on their career would be marked with abundant dedication and extra hours. Leadership skills are important, and so is the skill to plan and work towards career progress, as promotion does not always happen automatically. By taking steps up the career ladder and outperforming all the time, junior workers can grow into company heads over the years.