Businesses That Use Cellular Credit Card Terminals


Cellular credit card terminals are a form of credit card processing that more and more businesses are using today. Small businesses or individuals who run a service company can easily use this payment solution on the go. A portable swipe machine is added to a mobile device and can be used to accept credit and debit card payments with ease. Learn more about business types that can benefit from this payment option below.

Personal Trainers

If you are a personal trainer, then you can certainly benefit from having the best credit card reader for your client’s payment needs. Such companies as Merchant Account Solutions make it easy for you to be able to accept credit card and debit card payments via a portable swipe machine. By installing the free merchant account terminal, you have the ability to accept payment and be paid in a timely manner, no matter where you are located.

Hair Dressers

If you are a hair dresser who offers appointments in the home of your client or perhaps your own home, this payment solution is for you. Easily take a debit or credit card payment of a simple hair cut or more complicated color. Gone are the days when you had to request cash or check only as you will now have a credit/debit card payment solution on hand.


Caterer’s commonly deal with major clients and are always on the go. Projects including weddings or corporate events can require travel and it can be difficult to process payments if you do not accept credit or debit cards. By using a mobile solution, you can easily accept payment via your mobile device, opening up your business services to a wider audience.

Overall, with the mobile solution, you will have an alternative way for clients to make payments for services rendered or product purchases. Providing additional payment options only helps you to serve your customers better which means more business dealings in the future.

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