London’s Coolest Neighborhoods

Traveling to London soon, but want to get to know the place beyond its touristy centre? As one of the world’s most interesting and dynamic cities, there are plenty of intriguing neighborhoods to discover.

Whether you explore its coolest neighborhoods via its extensive tube system, or choose to spoil yourself by making use of a professional limo service in London, you’ll be experiencing the human side of this place, rather than just seeing its iconic sights.

With that in mind, let’s discuss London’s coolest neighborhoods, and what you should explore in detail during your time in each of them…


Photo by CC user 79653482@N00 on Flickr

Home to large portions of London’s Caribbean and African communities, Brixton is an intensely multicultural place. While times haven’t always been so prosperous in the not-so-distant past, rising property prices in London have sent people looking for more affordable alternatives to the center.

This has led to an influx of students and artists in recent years, giving Brixton an added dimension that it had lacked before.

Its roots make it an attractive neighborhood to visit on its own, as Brixton Market is home to restaurants serving Caribbean food, and boutiques selling antique reggae records.


Photo by CC user Claire Ward on Polish Wikipedia

Lined by scores of Victorian-style homes, strolling through the streets of Walthamstow will give visitors a sense of what it was like to live in London’s working-class suburbs over the past century.

This neighbourhood is becoming increasingly popular with Londoners, as its laid back nature, immigrant communities, great tube links, and lower real estate prices has drawn new arrivals over the past half decade.

If you’re traveling here in July, be sure to check out Walthamstow Garden Party. Don’t be misled by its name, as this weekend festival features the best in local music, a multitude of multicultural cuisines, and countless varieties of UK and international craft beers.


Photo by CC user AlurĂ­n on Wikimedia Commons

Looking to delve deep into London’s alternative music scene? Venture north of London’s Central Business District to Camden Town, where its gritty but crowded streetscapes have drawn those looking for something different for generations.

Those looking for unique consignment finds, alt-fashions, and handcrafted jewelery will love exploring the shops and boutiques around Camden Lock. Additionally, this borough’s penchant for open-mindedness has attracted a wide array of international dining options here, from Thai to Turkish.

Many of these joints have terrace dining, so take a seat outside and watch Camden’s residents (who aren’t shy about expressing themselves through their unique sense of style) go about their daily business.

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