Kami Hoss – The Benefits of Dental Braces

dental brace

My dentist Kami Hoss had recommended that I get braces for many years and I was always on the fence with it, I knew that I wanted to fix my teeth but I was always looking for an alternative to having to have braces. Eventually I trusted in my super dentist and I am so glad that I did because the results are just what I was after. At first I was very tempted by having clear aligners put in to fix my teeth but there were just too many arguments which Kami put forward that I could not contend with. During our many discourses here is why he recommended braces as the best option.


Braces have been around for a very long time indeed and the reason for this is that they work, they have always worked and they continue to have incredibly high rates of success. Many think that braces can only be used on younger people who still have teeth which are growing but in fact almost anyone can get great results from dental braces treatment. Braces just work, they have a high rate of success with means that you can be safe in the knowledge that they can fix your smile.


Beyond their success rate braces are also one of the most cost-effective treatments out there. When you compare this to other treatment options like clear aligners or even veneers, the cost of braces is way cheaper than both of those and the results are often better than you would have with those options. If you want to get your teeth fixed and money is no object then perhaps veneers may be the best way to go but for the most cost-effective treatment, dental braces will be the perfect solution.


One of my main concerns when discussing putting braces in was that they look unsightly and it wasn’t something that I wanted to see when I looked in the mirror. I know that many other people are like this as well. My dentist reassured me that I would get used to them in no time at all and whilst I may not have believed him at the time, he was absolutely right. After just a few weeks I hardly even noticed the braces and everyone around me very quickly accepted it and moved on. For something that I was worrying about so much, it really became something that nobody cared about, myself included.


I was very worried about how much pain the braces would cause me as the teeth began to move and I even had a pain relief drug on hand should I ever need it. I was stunned then that despite the teeth moving, I only ever felt a slight ache and nothing more. The drug which I was given to kill the pain was never needed and the only real issue that I had was a cut lip on the first day from the metal wire, something that didn’t happen again.

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