Innovation Software and How it Helps Your Organization


Have you ever thought about using innovation software to help you improve your business? Many companies have, but then turn away from it due to the cost of the software itself. However, they do not consider the potential return on investment (ROI) that they could achieve. There have now been a number of studies that demonstrate that using this delivers a measurable ROI, not in the least due to work networks becoming more integrated. It is quite a simple idea: when more people are linked together, it becomes easier to improve or refine an idea as well. When people are connected, they usually come up with better ideas because they have more people to bounce off as well.

The Value of Innovation Software

What we now know from studies is that innovation management software is vital if an organization is to create a true culture of idea sharing. In the past, ideas were shared in formal meetings in conference rooms, the very place where creativity is stifled the most. Too many people feel uncomfortable in these situations, because they don’t like to publicly disagree with co-workers or, worse still, their superiors. Through innovation software, however, workers can respectfully share their thoughts and constructively criticize other thoughts, without being pressured to reveal themselves.

It is possible to measure an idea’s value as well. By looking at how many took part in forming the idea, you will instantly get an idea of how good it is. If an idea has been created by a single individual, and nobody has commented on it or suggested changes, it is unlikely to be a good one. Nowhere is this truer than in a company environment, where an idea is about an individual’s goals, but also the goals of the organization as a whole.

Through innovation software, you can harness innovation by providing employees with a place where they are able to share their ideas, and where others can collaborate to turn this idea into an actionable product or strategy. It is, in effect, a virtual drawing board where any thoughts and ideas can be constructively improved and discussed. Through innovation software, people from every department of a company can work together and share their ideas and thoughts.

One of the great perks of innovation software is that it helps to build networks and relationships between different people in an organization who would otherwise not have anything to do with each other. For instance, someone from HR may suddenly inspire someone from Research & Development, which then means that resources can be better deployed and energy can be better spent. The more people who work together on an idea, the more valuable this idea becomes. When multiple people join together in developing an idea, it becomes more likely that it can also be applied to specific issues that the individual company is failing. And since employees are the ones who know the company the best, they are also the best people to ask for advice. This is all possible through innovation management software.

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