What to look for when hiring a personal injury lawyer

In depth knowledge of the law is essential when hiring a personal injury lawyer

Have you been seriously injured? You need to get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney who can negotiate a good settlement on your behalf or help you to file a lawsuit.

Where can you get a good attorney and how much will it cost? A good personal injury lawyer will bring a lot to the table, including knowledge of law, negotiating expertise, and support staff to do your paperwork.

However, the lawyer will not do this free of charge; he or she will take a portion of your settlement money, which is known as the contingency fee. You also need to know that not all personal injury cases call for a lawyer. The money at stake and the severity of your injuries should determine whether a lawyer is necessary.

Here are some things that you should be on the lookout for when hiring a personal injury lawyer:


You should never underestimate how valuable an attorney’s experience is when investigating a claim. You need to hire a personal injury lawyer who understands what to look for and where – this can make all the difference. For instance, each state has specific standards and laws that relate to causation, contributory negligence, negligence, and assumption of risk.

This knowledge will involve choosing the right location for your case, as this can affect the amount of compensation that you receive. Although it is clear that slip and fall accidents should be filed where you fell, not all cases are this apparent. For instance, if a product from another state injured you, the lawyer needs to analyze your case if he wants to protect your best interests.

When you hire an inexperienced lawyer, you will be taking unnecessary chances with your settlement. Before hiring lawyers, make sure that you ask them how many cases they have handled and what success rate they have.


What does the lawyer’s practice focus on? A personal injury attorney needs to be skilled to determine issues of liability such as causation and liability. Most of these cases usually settle before trial; therefore, your lawyer should know how to negotiate a fair settlement. For this reason, you should not use a government lawyer for your personal injury claim.


When it comes to receiving compensation for your injuries, objectivity cannot be understated. You should ensure that you hire an attorney who can be objective when handling your case. Moreover, he should not be in a hurry to settle the case – in fact, this should be a red flag.


Your lawyer’s reputation can go a long way towards resolving your case fairly and quickly because of his previous dealings with other lawyers and insurance companies. The reputation of your lawyer gives him that additional value that precedes him. Moreover, it puts you in the best situation possible to receive a fair settlement.


The most overlooked thing when hiring an attorney is personality. Although you will not be spending every waking moment with him or her, you need an attorney who is going to be there for you and return your calls. Moreover, you need to be comfortable around the lawyer because you have to be vulnerable and honest with him. If you do not feel like you can share the intimate details of your case with them, consider looking elsewhere.

Hiring a personal injury attorney to help you with your claim goes a long way towards recovering the money that you deserve. When deciding which lawyer to hire, remember that there is no rush. You need to take your time if you expect to find the right person for the job.

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